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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


CALAS Group is comprised of Certified Public Accountants, bookkeepers, and tax preparers who strive to save you time and money. We enjoy working with small to medium business owners and individuals in the Miami, Coral Gables and surrounding areas.

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2 December 2020

They take the time to get it right, they are very affordable, and well connected within the community. We run all our accounting through them.

2 December 2020

Two years ago we switched our accounting and payroll over to the Calas Group and it was one of the smartest decisions we have ever made. Brian and his team have wrapped their arms around us and given us 5 star service. After Brian assessed our financial condition he assisted us in getting a large Line of Credit with a local Bank in Miami that he has a tremendous working relationship with, at a very low interest rate. Than he guided us through some very difficult times with the IRS. In addition, our books are now professionally maintained by Jill Rubin, who is a superstar. Jill has reorginized our Chart of Accounts in a more user friendly format and has trained me on how to generate reports in Quickbooks that I can use to manage my small Law Firm. I could not be any happier with Brian, Jill and the team at Calas Group and highly recommend their services. More...

2 December 2020

We use Calas Group for all of our accounting needs. They are always available and they do what they are hired to do and much more. Thanks Calas Group for all of the tax savings. More...

2 December 2020

Brian George is a very experienced accountant. I always enjoy working with his team. He is available to answer any questions I have and has also faciliated several client referrals for me. I really enjoy working with Calas, they are first class. I also have clients who use their service that have grown financially. More...

2 December 2020

I often interact with Jill who services my client. She is always incredibly responsive to assist me in an expedited manner. Truly a pleasure to work with.

2 December 2020

Brian and his team did a great job with my return, finding a ton of credits and exemptions that TurboTax missed and turning an "amount owed" into an "amount received". He also went the extra step in identifying some issues with our witholdings and even gave my wife and I W4s to turn in to HR. Responsive, capable, and reasonably priced - you owe it to yourself to give them a shot. More...

2 December 2020

Rafael is amazing! Always available to answer any question you have and open minded to make any changes I request to read my finances the way I wish. Thanks Rafael and thank you Calas!! Highly recommended. More...

2 December 2020

Alexandro Galli is the absolute best! Him and Jill are a total winning team. They make such a normally intimidating process accessible and pleasant. They really listen and they really care about your needs and concerns. More...

2 December 2020

I can't recommend CALAS Group enough. Brian George and his group have helped navigate all the details of my business accounting with expertise, attentive kindness, and professionalism. Coming from my previous firm the difference has been night and day. More...

2 December 2020

Excelente servicio por parte de RAFAEL !

2 December 2020

El mejor de mejores! Adoro trabajar con ustedes! Rafael Emiliani, Antonio Alvarado, juan Perozo y Brian George son mis grandes Aliado’s! Gracias por todo! Sobretodo por su paciencia porque me han enseñado mucho! Rafa y Antonio son unos ángeles More...

2 December 2020

He encontrado en Calas Group no solo un excelente y calificado apoyo profesional sino también un equipo de personas con un alto nivel humano, prestando su tiempo a que nosotros sus clientes nos sintamos cada vez más tranquilos y seguros en relación a nuestros impuestos y temas administrativos. Gracias Al señor Antonio Alvarado por su tiempo, paciencia y profesionalismo a ayudarme a entender tan difíciles conceptos nuevos para mi en temas de impuestos. Gracias Señor Bryan y gracias familia Calas Group, con ustedes me siento protegida y tranquila porque Mis Taxes y temas financieros están en manos de los mejores. More...

2 December 2020

El Grupo Calas, sin duda alguna, trabaja de una forma que va más allá de las expectativas. Son muy confiables, y responden rápidamente a cualquier tipo de duda o problema que tengas. Se nota que tienen mucha experiencia y capacidad, ya que siempre te ofrecen las mejores soluciones y el mejor servicio. En general me han brindado una agradable experiencia y los recomiendo totalmente. More...

16 November 2020

"They take the time to get it right, they are very affordable, and well connected within the community. We run all our accounting through them.

16 November 2020

"Joseph and I were just commenting on Monday, how efficient and professional Alexandra was and what a blessing it was to have here assisting us.

16 November 2020

"We use Calas Group for all of our accounting needs. They are always available and they do what they are hired to do and much more. Thanks Calas Group for all of the tax savings.

16 November 2020

"I like the customer service. No one is perfect, but when mistakes are made (mine or yours), you guys step up to the plate and take care of me. That's awesome!

24 October 2020



Calas Group

Reply from Calas Group

Allen, thank you for your review. We look forward to working with you. CALAS Group

21 October 2020


just started . everything looks good so far

2 April 2019

Brian and his team did a great job with my return, finding a ton of credits and exemptions that TurboTax missed and turning an "amount owed" into an "amount received". He also went the extra step in identifying some issues with our witholdings and even gave my wife and I W4s to turn in to HR. Responsive, capable, and reasonably priced - you owe it to yourself to give them a shot. More...

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1 February 2018

Jill was terrific. She was responsive to my needs and had everything I needed done in a matter of moments. I can highly recommend Jill and her team.

Reviewed on Facebook

27 November 2017

Jill is very detailed and patient when explaining the report and procedures. She is excellent following thru. Highly recommend her and her company.

Reviewed on Facebook

27 November 2016

I referred a client to Calas and they have been extremely happy with the service. Tremendous professionalism, reasonable prices and comprehensive offerings.

Reviewed on Facebook

13 May 2015

Best tax guys around. I use George, he's sometimes hard to get in touch with but worthy the wait. If your military can't beat the price less you find someone who will do it for free.  With multiple incomes and self-employment he's cheaper than anyone around by far. Also assisted me with setting up corp over seas. A nice tool to know. More...

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Bookkeeping, Payroll, Tax preparation, Business Valuations, Business Financial Planning, IRS representation and Audits - Reviews - Compilations.

Many small businesses owners don't realize that a staggering 80 percent of U.S. businesses fail within the first 18 months. Typically, one of the main causes is poor financial management.

Despite these dire consequences, many business owners go it alone when it comes to managing their money. A recent report found that 53 percent of small business owners don’t use an accountant at all. And even more shocking, 27 percent of these respondents simply use pen and paper to keep track of their finances.

While we shouldn’t conclude that these businesses are worse off for not having an accountant, we can’t underestimate the breadth of knowledge and experience an accountant can provide.

Most people don’t service their cars at home. Instead, they bring them to a professional mechanic who can keep things running smoothly and spot potential issues. Small businesses need just the same attention from a professional.

Accountants do more than tax filing. They can take a comprehensive assessment of your finances and create a forecast through the year to keep your business at a healthy, prosperous state.

We are problem solvers. Our advice is based on over 30+ years of experience.

CALAS Group's Partners believed then and still now that clients best interests were not being address by the large regional firms. We developed a flat fee model that allows our clients to speak to us more often to achieve better results.

CALAS Group was founded with the vision of providing the finest income tax, bookkeeping/payroll, business financial planning services that are ethically based, unbiased, and fair.

The firm provides a wide variety of services including IRS representation, tax planning and preparation, trust accounting, estate accounting, litigation support as well as forensic accounting services to all types of businesses, individuals, and government agencies nationally and internationally.

All of services are priced at a flat fee so there are no surprises.

We have been serving clients remotely for the last ten years. CALAS Group proudly services clients in over 12 states and internationally. Remote bookkeeping is the way of the future. Tax preparers, Bookkeepers, and their clients can collaborate instantly since both parties can access the data at any time. Clients have several options when working with us remotely to make communication and information sharing effortless and efficient.
1. Secure client portal for uploading and downing information
2. Group Accounting Chat via WhatsApp
3. Online and mobile access to QuickBooks
4. Online client dashboard
5. Webinars for financial reviews/meetings

Face-to-face contact. We have restricted face-to-face contact with customers and/or vendors. The sales staff will conduct business via phone or electronic communication (e-mail/text). As a company that prides itself on building relationships, our Tax Preparers, Staff Accountants, Bookkeepers will be a difficult change. However, face-to-face meetings pose a greater risk for everyone involved. If you need to conduct critical business that requires engagement with a member of our team in person, please make sure and call for an appointment to ensure access to that employee's facility and availability. As a precaution, we will safeguard an area for you to meet with that employee.
Staff availability. Although we will continue to conduct business, we will operate with limited on-site staff to mitigate the coronavirus's exposure and spread. Team members that can work remotely will be asked to do so and be available via phone or e-mail if you need to speak with them.
Visitors. We are restricting all non-essential visits to our offices/facilities. For people who have to visit our sites, we're asking you to complete a personal health check before coming to our facility by answering the following two questions:
• Do you have symptoms of COVID-19: fever, cough, and shortness of breath?
• Have you had close personal contact with anyone within the last 14 days who have tested positive for COVID-19?
For those that answer yes to any of the above, we ask that they not come to our facilities.


Bookkeeping is the recording of day-to-day financial transactions, and is part of the process of accounting in business. Transactions include purchases, sales, receipts, and payments by an individual person or an organization/corporation.

Payroll processing refers to the administration of employees’ financial records including salaries, wages, bonuses, deductions, and net pay.

Payroll might seem like a simple, straightforward process. You just need to calculate your employees’ hours and send out their paychecks, right?

In reality, there’s a lot more to it. From payroll taxes and wage policies to remitting to the IRS, the process is not as simple as it seems. Things can quickly get complicated. To ensure accuracy, the payroll process can’t be rushed.

Tax preparation is the process of preparing tax returns, often income tax returns - Corporation and/or Individual. United States income tax laws are considered to be complicated, many taxpayers seek outside assistance with taxes (59.2% of individual tax returns in 2007 were filed by paid preparers).

CPA firms offer a variety of services to help small businesses with financial reporting requirements. Audits, reviews, and compilations can help your business secure a loan, satisfy regulatory rules, or entice new investors.


If you need to prove to another party that your financial statements are accurate, an audit is the way to go. During audits, CPAs analyze your accounting records and study the documentation for your transactions. After finishing this research, the CPA issues an opinion. If he likes what he sees, he’ll give you an unqualified opinion. This means that he believes that your financial statements comply with generally accepted accounting principles in all material respects.


A financial review is similar to an audit, but not quite as rigorous. When conducting a review, the CPA expresses limited assurance about your financial statements. Rather than digging through documentation, the CPA performs basic analytical procedures to double-check that the financial statements make sense. The best opinion you can get from a review is simply that the CPA is not aware of any material departures from GAAP.


During an audit or a review, you prepare your financial statements and your CPA reviews and expresses an opinion about them. During a compilation, your CPA assists you in preparing the financial statements but doesn’t opine on their quality or accuracy.

Business valuation is a process and a set of procedures used to estimate the economic value of an owner's interest in a business. Valuation is used by financial market participants to determine the price they are willing to pay or receive to effect a sale of a business.

Outside CFO is a team of CFOs with extensive finance experience who provide CFO consulting services on an on-demand basis to growth-stage companies, at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time finance executive.

Many companies who engage Outside CFO need recurring financial support, but do not yet require a full-time CFO. For these clients, our goal is to significantly reduce the Founder/CEO’s administrative burden, while professionalizing the company’s finance function in preparation for future growth. Our CFOs will work closely with your management team and internal finance group to develop an intimate understanding of both your business operations and financial objectives. Outside CFO delivers strategic, results-oriented advice, guiding businesses to maximize advantages while minimizing risk.

For companies looking for project-based support, such as implementing a new financial accounting system or building a financial model to raise equity or debt, our CFOs will work with you to define goals and determine the scope of work, project timeline and deliverables you will receive upon completion of the work. By managing the project from start to finish, Outside CFO offers an affordable and efficient option for handling work that falls outside the normal scope of the company’s financial operations.

Company formation is the term for the process of incorporation of a business in the United States. It is also sometimes referred to as company registration.