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I have struggled with my weight since I was a child. I remember how every weekend, I used to look forward to my parents taking my brother and me out to eat at our favorite Asian buffet or order delivery from our local pizza shop. At the tender age of ten, I had no understanding of why eating four or five plates of food at the buffet was horrible for my health.

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A healthy life style is super important to health and wellbeing. Understanding that eliminating GMO's and pesticides will better your chances of better energy production, better sleep, mood , digestion and overall wellbeing of the body. This is a perfect start of having a healthy diet.

Being able to be there for my clients when they need me the most. I love seeing the progress!

I've always had my own struggles with weight since I was a child. Never fully understanding that my relationship with food was negative until I became an adult. I had to go through my own trial and error in my health journey. I wanted to create a safe haven for women, men and children to grow and not make the same mistakes I did. I also wanted to let them know that your battle with health isn't your fault, and I will show them the best way I know how what will work for them.

I find that other nutritionist don't necessarily have an understanding how to body and mind works synergistically. During my training, I learned about eastern medicine and how the food we eat effects our moods, and how our moods effect our organs. When you build a treatment plan based on this method, you have a higher success rate.

All services currently are remote. I chose to offer my services remotely so I could help a large audience nationally and internationally.

My business already created to provide services online and remotely, which is Covid-19 safe. When Covid is over, I will offer at home services , as well as group workshops.


See if my services are right for you.

After completing a consent form and adult history form, we will discuss what goals you're looking to accomplish. With the information provided, I'll provide you with a food journal, a meal plan, treatment plan, and health recommendations form.

Includes progress that has been made following treatment plan and health recommendations.