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Creative services for the web, corporate communications, arts and institutions. Scriptwriting, video production, creative direction, for meetings, new product introductions, corporate overviews, fundraising, awareness, orientations.

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14 January 2021

Promotional Video Production

Despite the constraints of pandemic year 2020 and the intermittent availability of information that we could provide to Brien, his ingenuity and resourcefulness enabled us to overcome our problems and allow Brien to create and publish a high-quality video as designed in a reasonable timeframe. Thank you again Brien!


Getting results, promotions, sales, esprit de corps for my clients. Hearing the applause of their audiences. Creating video strategies that fit the need. Getting results.

I started after graduating college. I sensed that there was a vacuum in the audio-visual industry that could be filled by a holistic approach to visual communications-- not just flash and effects but a marketing and journalistic approach to words and pictures that would do more than simply satisfying the producer's ego. We offered results, and do to this day.

Experience. Strategy. Video Excellence. Integrity. Results. 40 years in the business, creating success for companies like Walgreens, Johnson Controls, The Milwaukee Journal / Sentinel, UL, The Milwaukee Repertory Theater, The American Cancer Society, and many others.

With the exception of location shooting, all services can be provided remotely. Proposal, Script, Edit, Soundtrack, Reviews can all be handed remotely.

We insist on masks except for certain video shots. We use minimally staffed crews. We limit all unnecessary visits. We have clients 1000 miles away that require no personal visits except for locally sourced shooting crew.


The basis for all great videos-- the creative plan and execution strategy.

Anyone can own a camera. Only experienced pros can create scenes that motivate and inspire.

Where the emotion and pacing lives -- second in importance only to the script.

On camera or off-camera, great interviews with your venture's leaders and crew add credibility and empathy to your video's premise.

This where it all comes together-- graphics, footage, animations, narration, interviews and footage. Editing is the heart and soul of your story.

True professionals know there may well be changes and tweaks. Today's equipment makes that easy. No one knows your story like you, so we want you to be 100& happy, and for every project we complete to get results.

We have the experience to know how to thread a story to get results. It's a matter of motivation, pacing, and a keen understanding of human nature. We call it "Premise : Proof". You provide the premise, we provide the proof in a compelling video that gets results.