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Bridge City Firm is your premier website design, hosting and digital marketing partner. We are a full service information technology company, providing expertise in web development and digital marketing.

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64 customer reviews

18 November 2021

Very solid company to work with. We have been growing more and more each month thanks to the new business we are getting from Google and our new Bridge City website.

21 October 2021

Wonderful company to work with. Got my website and search listing setup very quickly, and they are always quick to respond to my questions.

7 October 2021

Great company to work with in my opinion. Having someone keep me high up on search engine ranking has been incredibly helpful and I will likely use this service for years to come.

6 September 2021

I was glad to have found this company, they have totally revamped my online coverage without have to charge any kinds of pay per click fees or pay per lead fees. It's a great price, and you get amazing support from Bridge City. More...

4 September 2021

Bridge City has been very helpful getting us set up online. Thankfully now our customers can easily find us, and our website and social media are all managed well.

2 September 2021

Very happy with the services provided, and the price is very competitive considering you get 24/7 support.

31 August 2021

I've never hired these guys, but "Mike" has used incredibly high pressure sales techniques with my staff and has been relentless calling. Won't take no for an answer and has been rude to my employees. More...

30 August 2021

Great company to work with if you need help getting listed online. We have been subscribed for a while now and have been seeing a great return! Great prices great company.

28 August 2021

I have loved working with Bridge City. They have made a huge difference in our bottom line, and I love having the IT staff on call when I need something. Thanks!

18 August 2021

This company is a scam. Beware.

22 July 2021

Hiring Bridge City Firm has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am far from an expert when it comes to online marketing, so their full service solution was just what my office needed. Now that they have us showing up online, we are getting a lot more interested customers calling in to set up appointments. I am very grateful for all of their hard work. More...

20 July 2021

Thanks to the great team over at Bridge City Firm, we can focus on getting our jobs done, while they make sure we are getting found on the internet when people are searching for a landscaper. We have been very happy with the results, and the new website they made for us is really sharp. More...

16 July 2021

I have worked with a lot of SEO companies, some ok, some not so great – Bridge City Firm has by far brought me the best results, that being more new business. We knew from past experience that our market on Google is very competitive, and we had some lofty goals. Every goal was reached within the first 2 months. Bridge City is the real deal, and I would recommend them to anyone. More...

16 July 2021

Before using Bridge City Firm I would really only get about 1 referral a month from Google search, sometimes not even that. After getting all set up with them I have been getting 5 - 8 a month, which in my line of work makes a huge difference. More...

15 July 2021

Getting people to be able to find us online had been very difficult, but we knew there was hope. We spoke with Henry at Bridge City Firm and explained to him what kinds of cases we handled, and he did all of the rest. Within the first week, our Google listing was bringing us a lot of phone calls, and our website was getting more traffic. We are so grateful for the work they have done for us, and for the price that we could afford. More...

14 July 2021

Our website and general online presence were quite dated, up until we retained the services of Bridge City Firm. The website designers did an amazing job getting us a modern website up and running, and we were able to customize it fully. What really wowed us though, was when we started getting a huge increase in phone calls from interested potential clients finding us online. If only we had done this sooner! More...

15 June 2021

Bridge City Firm was able to place us high on the Google search for our service areas, and this alone has been more effective than 95% of all other marketing avenues we have tried. We get a GREAT return on our marketing budget and I could not be more happy with the service. More...

3 June 2021

I have great experience with the firm. Working with them is unforgettable. A big thanks to Bridge City Firm to rescue my business, I am very thankful that I worked with you. Highly recommended service, of course. More...

3 June 2021

I am glad to work with this company, Bridge City Firm is among the top digital marketing firms I have ever seen or worked with, and I know since I have collaborated with the firm. They are really helpful, always responding to my messages on time, and they fulfilled on schedule for my business. It is lucrative to collaborate with the agency. Highly appreciated. More...

2 June 2021

Really have best working with this firm. We were able to greatly expand our better rankings on Google so that we show up for all of the services we offer, not just one. Thank you !

30 May 2021

Bridge City Firm really is one of the best digital marketing companies out there, I say this because I have worked with a bunch of them! They are very responsive, always quick to answer my emails, and they delivered big time for my agency. More...

15 May 2021

Working with Bridge City has been incredibly fruitful for our agency. Being able to get more customers calling in from finding us online saves us a ton of time, and has replaced all other forms of advertisements for us. We are saving money and getting more bang for our buck. More...

5 May 2021

Really have enjoyed working with this company. We were able to greatly expand our rankings on Google so that we show up for all of the services we offer, not just one. Thank you Bridge City!

1 May 2021

Thank you for rescuing our business listing and getting us ranked up!

24 April 2021

My firm has seen massive growth since hiring Bridge City to take over our marketing. I love the website, and their customer care team is very quick to respond. Thanks to Nate and the rest of the team for all of your hard work, looking forward to more big things to come! More...

24 April 2021

Hiring Bridge City Firm was one of the best business decisions I’ve made this year. The work they do is so valuable to us, and their pricing is some of the best I have seen. I was really happy at the fast response time I got from the customer service team when I had edits to my account. They are just a joy to work with. More...

12 April 2021

I had used a handful of online marketing companies in the past, but after getting signed on with Bridge City, I was able to cut the others out of my budget since they doo everything and more, at a much lower cost to me.

2 April 2021

Bridge City got me out of a bind and I am forever grateful! We went from not being able to be found at all online, to raking on the first page of Google, and that has been huge for us.

26 March 2021

Great company to work with, they have helped us tremendously. I would recommend them to anyone looking to get more business online.

7 March 2021

Great company to work with if you need helping getting on Google. We have been having really good success with the program.

20 February 2021

Thank you Andy for your help getting my account set up, we love having our listing on Google and we especially love the new business coming in. Much appreciated.

16 February 2021

Fast turn around getting my Google business listing fixed, very happy to have that resolved. Being able to be found for my areas of practice online is probably the number one reason we are growing right now. Thanks Bridge.

13 February 2021

Their web designers are very good, and very patient with us. I am very pleased with how everything turned out, and having our good google rank has been a big help.

11 February 2021

I have had a really good experience with Bridge City thus far. The setup was simple and I have seen some great results over the last few months. Hoping to see even more new leads coming in soon. More...

6 February 2021

Bridge City receives top marks from me! They delivered on every metric and I was impressed by the speed of their service. SEO is very competitive in our industry so I was pleasantly surprised when they actually got results.

5 February 2021

Bridge City cannot be beat in terms of price and service. We are getting a huge return and could not be happier about it.

3 February 2021

After 2 months of using this service we have seen a big boost in new business. Love my new website too, thanks Bridge!

30 January 2021

Terry has been a great help to us, and we are thankful for the new clients we are getting from our marketing program.

28 January 2021

So far my experience with Bridge City has been excellent. They are quick to get things done and have helped me expand my business.

27 January 2021

Thank you Bridge City for fixing my online listings!

25 January 2021

Well I sure am glad I found these guys and got setup with their program. Getting some extra new business each month has been a great help to us.

24 January 2021

Great company to work with. They worked quick to get me set up and I got results almost immediately. In times like these, it has been a life line to my firm.

21 January 2021

Was very happy to see the progress that was made on my account of the last few months. Now that we are getting more business the pay off has been huge.

18 January 2021

If I could give 0 stars I would. They use fraudulent cold calling tactics to get customers. They call stating they are from the "Google Quality Control Department" to get all of your business information and schedule a sales call. I had to ask 3 times to finally get them to say they do not actually work for Google and get the real name of the business. It's sad they have to ride the coattails of another company to get business. More...

9 January 2021

Thank you Bridge City for getting me listed on Google. Lots of new business coming in now! Can't wait to see what this year brings.

30 December 2020

Signed up with Bridge City in March and it was one of the best things I could have done for my business. They completely took over our marketing, and we have been getting a lot of new business as a result.

12 December 2020

I have worked with a handful of SEO companies in the past with mixed results. Bridge City has been the most thorough and detailed company by far. And what do you know, they also get the best results. These guys are experts, and go big for my business. We appreciate it! More...