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Do you feel stuck or unclear about how to become what you know you can be? Stuck in ways that are holding you back personally or professionally?

Most people do, as the world doesn’t usually support us in learning how live from our essential nature.

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8 November 2021

Brett brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our coaching sessions. Our sessions helped me identify my voice and my purpose in an authentic manner. He helped me shift my perspectives so that I can ground myself in clarity and confidence around what I offer. More...

4 November 2021

Brett was the coach that I needed at the time I met him. He really listened and allowed me to open up and express some of the feelings I've been keeping trapped inside. He is amazing at creating a space for opening up and his reminds that I am okay as I am have helped me get through some difficult times. I am very grateful to have meet and work with Brett. More...

29 October 2021

I had such a great experience working Brett. I always felt supported. During our sessions I learned how to be more present and in the moment with myself.

27 October 2021

Working with Brett and developing mindfulness has helped me better understand myself and the people around me. Brett is very intuitive, compassionate and patient—he has great insights, and a straightforward way of explaining and responding. He’s very good at what he does and I highly recommend him as a mindfulness coach! More...

27 October 2021

I am a working professional in technology. I began coaching on the side and really enjoyed the work of job interview preparation with clients. However, I didn't have frameworks to process all the new possibilities in my life. I'd only known working jobs. Moreover, the pandemic, working from home, and other external pressures were incongruous with how I was feeling about my new found passion. New emotional exhaustion in the face of never before seen success in my life was unprecedented for me. So I was eager to work with Brett when I learned he was taking on clients after his appearance the podcast Career Cloud Radio. Brett and I have worked together in a few sessions now and It really helps me to have on outsider interrupt my thought patterns. He skillfully draws my attention to feelings unexamined. As I work through my emotions and my beliefs new possibilities emerge. I'm only just becoming aware of the power my Authentic Self brings to my work and my coaching. However, it's truly exciting. Somatic peace is a feeling not felt since I was much younger and anything was possible. Like riding your bike with no handlebars. The first taste of freedom as a child that adulthood and it's many pressures make easy to forget. I recommend working with Brett because he's been a blessing to me. Reconnect and be welcomed back to yourself. More...

25 October 2021

I loved working with Brett because he is a very easy-going and compassionate person. He could relate to my pain and problems and made me feel understood. He also gave advice about which meditation I should use that could help me feel more empowered and grounded.

Brett has a very good understanding of coaching methods and techniques and is able to empathize and support his clients successfully. I would recommend his services to anybody looking to improve their communications, relationships, and the way the feel about their life.

25 October 2021

Brett really helps me to tap into my heart and find my own answers. He helped me to uncover my organic self and accept all my fragments. I really appreciate his work and would love for many people be able to work with him! More...

25 October 2021

Wonderful to work with Brett. Non-judgmental, easy to talk to, and wonderful coach.

24 October 2021

Brett is wonderful! He is so incredibly helpful with the insight and knowledge he has and has helped me immensely! I highly recommend him as you will not forget your time with him. I use what I have learned from him in my daily life to maintain a calmer, more centered me. I am very grateful 😊 More...

23 October 2021

Working with Brett went well beyond what I was expecting. He has a great way of listening and providing assignments that are very helpful.


I frequently hear that this work has made big difference in their lives and when I hear that, it lights me up. That's absolutely the best.

For years, I have studied and practiced using the methods I learned while studying with some absolutely incredible teachers. Most of this time, I was actually employed full time in technology. I worked for Microsoft and other tech firms and ran my own businesses as well. The last few years, I decided to move into coaching in order to help people benefit from the many great lessons I've learned. The practices embedded in my work are those that have helped me improve the quality the my life, relationships, and career profoundly. My mission in life now is to serve as "a clarifying force" and help people learn to be more mindful, present, connected, and authentic in their lives. I love it and it seems my clients do too.

I work well with professionals, other coaches and intuitive/empathic people who are already in touch with their feelings in a significant way. That can be the problem right? Those feelings are not necessarily so great. So how do work through that? How can you embrace a more whole you that can embrace life more fully, connect authentically, and simply be happier day-to-day?

Frequently I work with people who are looking to step into a version of themselves that feels more empowered, enabled, relaxed, and grounded in sense of self that isn't dependent on what others think. Perhaps looking for way to fit in world that doesn't seem to welcome you. Yes, the world is pretty limiting sometimes, but I believe that you have is needed and the world needs more of you in it. My work is to help you explore this key question. "Who do you need to be, to do what you need to do?" Another version of this is "Who do you need to be, to have the conversations you need to have?" We do that exploration carefully, and mindfully.

When you choose a coach - choose carefully. The number one thing you have to have with a coach or therapist is good rapport. If you don't feel that, don't go there. That means that who the coach is more important than what they do. I've been working in that model for many years so if you want a coach that meet you where are as a person, really see you, really get the core issues your working on and need someone to help move forward, we should talk.

I have specialized expertise with engineers/technologists, entrepreneurs, public speakers, empaths, intuitive, and creative individuals.

Yes, in fact, I prefer it. I'm having great success with online work.

Most of my clients work remotely. I am fully vaccinated with booster and have a separate entrance to my home office should we meet locally. I do not work in-person with unvaccinated clients.


My work is unique and built from what I've learned from world-class therapists, trainers, and instructors. 100% guaranteed. Free introductory session to ensure a good fit. Happy to provide references on request.

You aren't like anyone else and the fastest, best way to better is with 1:1 work. The work I do is personalized for who you are adapted for the conditions in your life and what you want to achieve.