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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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3 December 2017

He usually responded to my emails and texts fairly quickly. He also completed updates that I requested very quickly. There were issues that we faced however. Instead of guiding me I guess he assumed that I knew what I was doing. This is my first time dealing with a website and I really had no idea how it worked. He also was supposed to provide me with a 2 hour training which was never provided. He even told me that I could youtube it and watch videos. It was written in the contract that the project should be completed in 3 weeks, I, of course dealing with so many things, didn't remember this. We started this project about 3 months ago and it still wasn't completed (not his fault) because I didn't receive my products and therefore couldn't have them uploaded on the website. He used this as a reason to say that the website was completed and that he wanted his money. What he should have done was say this "since you're not aware of when you'll receive your products I think we should suspend the project and when you know when you'll receive the products we can continue" but instead he asked for the remaining balance and said "once you get your products let me know and we can upload them". Well, how can I know that you will continue to complete the project when you've received all of your money? That's not how it works. If you were concerned that you deserved some sort of payment for the work you've done up until this point then you could have asked for some sort of payment, not all but a portion. It also seemed as though he did not look over the work he had done. There were several mistakes on the website that he could have caught but it was obvious that he did not go over the work he performed. More...



She very well explained everything in her comments above, we do appreciate that: "He usually responded to my emails and texts fairly quickly." "He also completed updates that I requested very quickly." "it still wasn't completed (not his fault) because I didn't receive my products" (no comments ;) This project deviated from the current schedule due to Betul Aksoy's failure of providing us required materials to complete the project. After several reminders to her to send us all required products to upload to the website, she did not respond us with required materials about 2+ MONTHS! in this case, according to our contract BRANDCLINIC reserves the right to suspend work until the overall schedule is clarified, but WE DID NOT! There was an almost two + months break in the rhythm of the project which created long periods of inactivity, in this case, BRANDCLINIC reserves the right to reassess fees for work described in the contract to compensate for unanticipated stoppages in work but WE DID NOT! Regarding training, we apologize that we gave her more than 2 hours of training, visiting your house (normally we do not) almost 3-4 times responding all her questions, giving ideas for marketing and social media, photo shooting, advertising etc. So, do not blame anyone, for this project but yourself. We are here to help companies to establish sought after “brand reputation” for their brand, but not losing time because of their irresponsible manner. All the best.