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12,000 clients, 4.9 Google stars, author of two books, member of the American Guild of Hypnotherapists.

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I want to teach people how to exercise their brains to improve their lives.

I have a mission to help people who have struggled with difficult problems, like those in my past. I have used self-hypnosis to create a success strategy in my own life.

In 1987 I developed my special brand of hypnosis called BrainChanger Therapy.

I have provided thousands of hypnosis treatments to people in my Kansas City office.

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020, I have expanded my service to people by providing hypnotherapy service over the internet. In-person visits are also available in my Kansas City office. Covid protocols are carefully followed.


Within medical limits, hypnosis can treat many conditions, including: smoking, weight, stress, pain, phobia, memory, addiction, attention, insomnia, confidence, and other mental disorders.