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Bolinger Design Services (BDS) is San Francisco Bay Area full-service residential design, engineering and building inspection firm specializing in the residential design and inspection of both public and private residential projects of all types and sizes, from custom homes, large-scope renovations and additions, to minor interior remodeling and simple consultations.

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You need to have the Garage inspected by a professional familiar with the California Building Code to see if it can be made a habitual structure. Age, construction type, general conditions, location and many other factors determine if a Garage is suitable to conversion. In some cases, due to Building Code requirements some structures are not intended to be habitual structures.

First and foremost is understanding the requirements of the city/county you are working with. Lot coverage, setbacks, height limit, use, location and site conditions are extremely important to understand how the city/county ordinances effect the project. Once one understands the requirements of the city/county the process is straight forward. (1) Research, (2) Existing Site Work, (3) Design/Working Construction Drawings, (4) Structural Engineering (if required), (5) Title 24 California Energy Calculations, (6) Submit Project for Plan Check, (7) Plan Check Response, (8) Permitting Process, (9) Start Construction.

I start with a blank computer screen and within a few hours the ideas and dreams of my client have started to show great progress.

I started design and drafting work in High School while working for a Civil Engineer after school and on the week end. I followed-up by attending school and obtaining a formal education.

At BDS, we appreciate the fact when a client undertakes a home improvement project such as an addition or new home design, they are making a significant commitment of time and money and we are committed to being good stewards of the resources entrusted to us. We tailor our services to each client's project and remain flexible and cooperative toward acheiving the common goal. We design to our client's budgets and respect their timing and scheduling requirements. With your help we can foster a responsive and supportive team approach throughout the design and construction process with the many talented builders, engineers, interior designers and professional consultants we have come to know and trust over our years of business.

Frankly, no. I need to be able to see the structure, style of architecture, site conditions, setbacks and observe general conditions that a remote visit can not provide.

Masks and distancing has worked very well. I have stayed healthy and so have all of my clients.


In addition to the services you would expect from an Residential Design firm, BDS focuses on single and two story additions, custom homes and estates, historical restoration and urban conservation.

Below is a partial listing of our services:

1. Consultation:
Basic project & site evaluation
Individual design planning
Preparation of building applications
Project development and coordination
Expert reports on property damage
Assessment of developed and undeveloped properties
California Green based/Eco-friendly design
Building site selection and real estate consultation

2. Building Design & Planning
Working Construction Drawings for:
Custom Homes
Remodeling and Conversion Planning
Single and Two Story Additions
Restoration and Preservation of Historical Structures
Historical reseaarch
Detailed preservation and restoration
Facade preservation and restoration
Period expertise and design
Structural Engineering
Civil Enginering
Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
Landscape Design
Title 24 (Energy Calculations)

3. Construction Services
Project management
Contract bidding, award, calculation (AVA)
Construction monitoring and management
Property management

4. Inspection Services
I.C.B.O. & I.C.C. certified Inspector
Problem project sites
Broken contractor contracts
Sick homes and apartments
Suspected structural problems
Suspected environmental problems