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Welcome to the world of energy medicine and holistic therapy grounded in the belief that living organisms have the capability to heal themselves AND distance does not matter. I have been offering safe, fast and effective distant/remote sessions for years now.

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27 March 2021

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Being a witness to:
- the AHA moments
- observing immediate shifts in the tension and mobility of the body
- the client sharing a significant shift in their way of being in relationship, example includes how the client responded to a sisters comments, or a mothers look...
- a limiting belief, fear or allergy eliminated.
An example is obvious shifts when the allergies to seasonal factors are reduced. Or when a fear of heights/falling is gone and the client enjoys the full experience of traveling, including a bus ride in the Andes Mountains.

I have been self-employed most of my life. It is natural for me as both parents, and many of my siblings, were/are self-employed. My first career was as a graphic designer and I found the direct experience, with no sales or service rep, allowed for clear communication and customization. The same applies for being the "guide" for the transformation of your body, mind and spirit.

A wise woman once shared, "an employed person has a false sense of security while a self-employed person has a false sense of insecurity."
With BodyTalk, a belief such as this one that has you living in a limited way can be neutralized, allowing for a direct experience of the Now. And a freedom to choose.

I show up and meet you where you are.
I would be honored to be the guide/facilitator for being a witness to you stepping into a 'more better' version of yourself.
You would know why a beloved client gave me the nickname "Mollie Llama"!
Before stepping onto this new path I did not trust myself. I did not feel free. With BodyTalk I now trust myself and experience myself as free. Sometimes random people even comment on how free I appear :-)
It would be my honor to guide you to trusting yourself, to experiencing a level of freedom (from pain, allergies, fears, limiting beliefs,...) you haven't known for a long time.
Qualities you may appreciate: a joyful spirit, wisdom and humor. Additionally I have developed compassion and can relate the wisdom I have developed through living well in and through my own life experiences. These include divorce, a gypsy journey, a cancer journey... and so much more.


An advanced version of BodyTalk with more science and Classical Chinese Medicine.