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Winnetka, CA

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I have been professionally photographing clients for over 7 years, utilizing natural light and capturing candid shots.
I’m located in the San Fernando Valley, but always happy to travel to the location that best suits your needs.
I strive to offer a personal and friendly service that meets your needs, and your goals for the shoot are the most important thing to me.

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Shoot the moment, not the subject, also move around a lot. I always try to get down the eye level of my subject. It's important to notice the details and the lighting of the location. I would also play with props if any available. Since we are in digital era, digital "film" is free , so shooting lots is important as well.

I believe just asking them to tell you as much information as they have about the project. For example , what is the look they are going for , for headshots or portraits. How many people are going to be in the shoot? It's also important to talk about locations, what they expect of you as a photographer.

I love the unexpectancy of my job. Yes some projects are straight forward, but some surprise me and the client. Many of them do not think that they take great photos, because either they use their phone or have someone who doesn't know how to take photos, take it . I always show the progress of the session on the back of my camera and they get very excited that their photos are coming out beautiful.

Ever since I was a child I was very artsy. I played with play doh and coloring books a lot. I also did macrame and water colored. I was given a simple camera as a gift by a family member and it just started from that. I ended up taken a couple photography classes in college.

I think clients should choose me because I am very easy going, patient and do not judge anybody.