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Expressive Arts Expert & Creative Processor that works with mind, body and heart to manage heavy emotions. If you struggle with self - esteeem, grief, anxiety, depression, adhd or have been through divorce or death call Jenny. She is an expert in her field of study.

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16 May 2020

Words could not even express how much Jenny has meant to me! I have been able to come from the lowest place in my life to a thriving life full of hope and excitement for the future. She is so caring, kind, and her expertise is unparalleled. She takes the individual and tailors everything to what is needed. I cannot thank her enough for what she does! More...

26 March 2020

Jenny is amazing and she listens so well. Jenny also shares personal experiences to help relate to you. She helps to get over the anger, depression, and any emotion you feel. I enjoy Jenny's Creative Healing so much I recommend her for everyone. She helps you feel safe and accepted. So for these reasons I give her 5 stars. More...

10 July 2019

When I first arrived in Jenny’s office, I was a prisoner to unresolved trauma, grief, anxiety and depression, and substance abuse. I was in such a dark place that I couldn’t see a way out. In the beginning, Jenny gave me the tools I needed to just make it through the days between sessions. I gained self awareness to my overall health, which enabled me to make the necessary changes to my physical self that improved my brain health and cognition. I gained a new sense of mental clarity from our foundational sessions. With the clearer frame of mind and new tools in my tool box, I was able to process trauma that was deep rooted and almost unconscious. I was given even more tools to constructively cope with experiences and attached emotions of the past, present and future. Today, I live in the light. I never could have dreamed of being this free from depression and anxiety. It was only through my work with Jenny that this was possible. I had to do the work, but It could not have been done without Jenny as my guide. More...

10 July 2019

There are so many WONDERFUL things to say about Jenny and her methods for helping! They are truly unique and individualized! Each time I leave feeling that I have had just what I needed, when before the meeting I could not have imagined what could be helpful in that moment! It's awe-inspiring and an amazing gift she has to be so in-tune to what her clients need. I cannot thank her enough for what a difference she has made in my life!! And what she continues to do for me as I progress from where I was, to helping me go beyond to the potential I didn't even know was possible!! More...

28 November 2018

My daughter needed help coping with anxiety and depression. She started seeing Jenny to work toward the goal of being able to thrive and move forward. While we are still in the process and working towards her goals, we can see changes and progress. Working with Jenny helps my daughter in many ways and on a daily basis. Jenny is helping my daughter through an artistic process that is helpful and effective. More...

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27 July 2018

Jenny has been life-changing beyond all explanation. Truly I would not be here today if it was not for what she has done for me and my life! ! I cannot begin to explain her true intuition and gift of connecting to her clients. Her knowledge of creative healing is awe-inspiring and I have yet to meet anyone with her depth of insights into caring for the whole body-mind and spirit. In my darkest days she was the one light of hope that kept me going. She taught me the tools and gave me the self-fulling mastery guidance I needed to make it through. I have never learned as much about myself than I have talking with her. With her it is a 'safe place' to go and find peace in an otherwise chaotic world. To find out and be reminded we are to just 'be' human rather than 'do' a list of things to get through our day. I found my art of living there and it has opened my mind to a whole new world! I am excited to keep going on my journey thanks to Jenny! More...

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26 January 2018

Life Changing: Jenny has literally been a huge catalyst for courage to make change and take a change on healing. I loved her guidance, motivation and knowledge. She continually offers her wisdom without judgement. She is a great guide in healing. Face to face talk therapy was enough to get by for years, but this hands on, varied approach and sometimes very quiet therapy was incredible. I felt genuine care for my progress. This creative process is far more than painting or drawing, it's work disguised in play. Don't let the word "creative" healing stop you. You don't have to know how to paint or draw to participate in this incredible process. The success found working with Jenny led me to taking huge steps in my life, with increasing confidence. Can't say enough good things about it! More...

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Meeting people and helping them manage heavy emotions in a easy way. Seeing my clients overcome and manage life’s difficulties.

My own personal journey with Health & Wellness. After realizing I needed help through my own life challenges I was able to get my Masters degree and offer my clients what I felt was missing in the Behavioral & Mental
Health industry.

Jenny is very unique with her process and gifts. She is able to create a safe, non- judgemental environment.