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People are scared. They are in pain. They've lost a job. They've gotten a diagnosis. They've lost a loved one. Their partner is hurting them. They feel lost or powerless to improve. They're concerned about their kids. It can feel like it's just too much.

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I love helping people find solutions for the difficulties they are facing right now.

Sometimes it helps to think of me as your emotional personal trainer, your confidant, your witness, your change agent. Just the mere act of collaborating on your concerns increases the potential to change them. As such, we explore the broken parts of your life where you feel haunted by anxiety, depression, low self esteem, relationship challenges, substance abuse issues, feeling meaningless, etc. The goal is to identify and manage your sources of pain with mindfulness and intentional balance to gain more stability and strength.

My unconditional positive regard for you is enthusiastic, compassionate and respectful. Regardless of your situation, demographic or issues, our goal is not necessarily to fight those waves you're experiencing, but learn how to ride them out.