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Big Catz BBQ

Knoxville, IL

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12 customer reviews

4 October 2021

SERVICE: When we arrived, it was not that busy. We had to keep repeating ourselves to the waitress on several occasions. Asking for a kids menu, spoon for my son's meal (which never came, had to go myself to the bar to ask for one while three of them were standing around talking), to then when our meal came asking her for a refill (my cup was empty for over 15 mins), then to when I was done, asking if we were ready for the check, I said yes, to then removing my plate and my husbands that still had food on it and he and my son were STILL eating!! He went to the bar and asked for a manager, talked to the assistant manager who didn't even seem that she cared. I would also say that the time it took to get our drinks & food was way too long! Don't go there unless you have hours to spend.FOOD: The food was okay, for what you pay for, I think you could get a little more (especially the sides) and the meat was bland without the BBQ sauce. We will not be back and I wouldn't recommend this as a GREAT place to eat or get excellent service at. More...

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15 August 2021

We've carried out several times, always pretty happy........But.  Carried out yesterday, bbq baby back ribs and sides.  Fries and beans were great.  Have no idea why now the rub is so spicy, too spicy for me, this was never a spicy rib.  All the slathering it with their sweet mild sauce (our fav), didn't help one iota.  I couldn't get through half of it.  And in all the times we've carried out, we've only gotten to enjoy that great cornbread ONCE, that comes with the meal.  We ask for extra butter for the bread, it is in the bag.......but NO CORNBREAD!!  What are they thinking as far as the "here's your butter for your bread".........but we have no actual bread!!??  BTW, we tip accordingly even though it is only a carry-out.  They messed up this time when we picked up curbside and left no tip option.  I'm glad they did.  Primarily bc the food was just thrown in the paper handle bag haphazardly.  Ribs wrapped in foil, a slab and a half dripping, bag completely saturated and tearing at the bottom, beans coming out of their container, butter and extra sauce containers strewn around.  Complete mess, sauce and wet ripped paper bag pieces all over my glass cooktop.  What unsupervised unthinking idiot packed such an order for a paying customer??!! More...

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20 June 2021

Great food but it shouldn't take over an hour to be served smoked food... hardly anyone here.... ridiculous and the owner is drunk at the bar.  Not very professional

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5 June 2021

Not originally from this area and we're very spoiled having come from large cities most of our lives. To be honest Galesburg area is left wanting with a few exceptions. If fast food places are the top picks in the area then you know something is wrong. However we've picked up large quantities of food from here twice already and when I saw the reviews I had to get these guys their fair review. Both times we've ordered over $100 worth of food and both times the food has been great. If you're looking for good food and a good place to eat in an otherwise area that's left wanting, then this is it. If you received bad service or food I'm thinking the issue is not with the food or service but with the individual. Don't take your bad day out on a good place trying to provide a service to area. More...

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17 May 2021

Going on 5 years trying to really enjoy this restaurant.. been here many times, food is always inconsistent, and bad service is always consistent.  I finally have given up and eat fried shrimp.. no too much work for that just a bag of frozen prepared shrimp and clean oil in a fryer..  the cook can manage this; the sides are very tasty..Just returned from dining with a party of 7.. 3 of us had the shrimp, one had ribs ( cleaned his plate) one had a piece of mystery meat called a grilled tenderloin ( horrible).. told he he should have shrimp, another had a salad bowl with pulled pork and another had 1/2 sandwich with spinach soup.. she said soup was good. Service was horrendous, went to find her 3 times..I bussed the table...Oh well, it could be just more of a star in restaurants in this area... so disappointing. More...

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14 April 2021

Do not order delivery. My food never showed up and they won't return my calls about my refund. Had to reach out to my bank to dispute the charge cuz I never ate.

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8 April 2021

Brisquet  very dry -couldn't eat it - owner didn't care -Big Catz should be called Big Ratz . I got there at noon and there were no cars -red flag -they give bar b que a bad name!

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19 March 2021

We had a great meal bbq ribs,pulled pork,shrimp and everything was good. The staff is friendly and service is great, would recommend bringing the whole family Definitely will be back.

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12 February 2021

First time at Big Catz BBQ. Best bbq we've had in a long time. Service was great.  We came from Peoria where our favorite bbq, Grandpa John's, is no longer in business. We'll definitely make a short drive on I-74 to come here again. More...

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6 February 2021

Smoked wings are the bomb!!!!! Cheesy potatoes, beans and ribs are also fantastic. Great atmosphere and ice cold Busch light ; ) .... full bar, put door area for seating and full front porch. More...

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1 February 2021

First time visit.....we've been meaning to try the bbq baby back ribs.  We had the ribs, fries, mashed potatoes, baked beans, corn bread and the Monday specials of smoked meatloaf dinner and Italian bbq brisket sandwich.  We were pleasantly surprised that the ribs were really very good.  Fall-off-the-bone although if they had a bit of tug, that would have been fine too.  Meat was tasty and tender and whatever preparation they do, it works.  We chose their sweet bbq sauce with a little bit of a kick, but we're told they also have 2 other sauces.  The cornbread was really good, tasted homemade..?  Fries, mashed and beans were all fine.  That meatloaf was interesting.  I enjoyed it without sauce and my Husband added sauce and equally enjoyed it.  My Husband also enjoyed the Italian bbq brisket sandwich.  But it was served on a hot dog bun which was odd looking and tasting.  The picture on Facebook has it on French bread which would have made it much tastier. More...

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20 January 2021

Best food i have had in a very long time. Its hard to find good smoked food anywhere in illinois and they are on point every time

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