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First Session Free. I will accept you as is, mentally/emotionally/... & where you are in your life. I’m very experienced dealing with TRAUMA of ALL Types, Personality Disorders; Anxiety, Fears, Depression, Anger Mgt., Relatioship Issues. I work from a cash basis & I Have Very Flexible Fees.

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31 January 2021

Charles is fantastic! He is attentive and so knowledgeable! I reached out to Charles to help me learn how to deal with anxiety issues that I had for many years prior, and let me just say he knows his stuff! Not only with anxiety, but I saw other areas of my life improve too like my confidence level and my communication skills. Eventually my husband and teenage daughter sought his services as well for other struggles, and they benefited greatly also. He really is the best! Contact him. You'll be so glad you did! More...


First session is free to explore if I can help you and if your comfortable with me.

Yes! After our first phone call, we'll set up a convenient way to connect virtually. Or if you're in the Houston area, we can meet in person as well.

Remote sessions via Skype, FaceTime, etc. Hand sanitizer and masks for in-person visits.



Trauma & Abuse Recovery From:
•Physical: Neglect, Attacks, Wrong
Touching, Sexual.
•Psychological: Learned Lies about
Yourself, Others & Life;
•Spiritual: Church, Power, Sexual,
Covens, O-Cult.

I’m very experienced at successfully helping people recover from the various forms of abuse. There are several different types and levels of severity of abuse. The manner and severity which someone is impacted varies significantly. I have worked in hospital psychological units (In Patient) and Counseling Centers or Private Practice (Out Patient).

The sources of these 4 issues are similar.
Learn how & why you learned what’s causing you to respond to life and situations in undesirable ways. Then figure out what is better or the truth that you want to believe that will help you. The key is figuring out how to truly believe the new thoughts. It’s not as easy as we would like!

The causes are typically things that I have taken or riped away your since of security and stability from you. You’re either trying to establish some form of exestence with security and stability. Your being pulled or jerked into an altered state of being or your choosing to be/live in an altered state of being and possibly some combination of these. Yes addressing these type of issues takes some time and hard work which I can walk-through with you and I will be here from start to finish.

We are social and sexual beings. Pornography and prostitution are clearly areas there are sexual in nature and where you were sexual nature has been significantly to severely damaged and you unfortunately have an altered or aberrant view or perception of your and/or others sexual nature. Yes addressing this typically takes a fair amount of time and work. I assure you I can help you with this from start to finish. I am not going anywhere.