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I cover just about all areas of visual design, print, packaging and starting to take on projects in the digital arena. My website covers most of what I can help you with.

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One that has a good understanding of what the company is about and able to accomplish for its clients. In some ways it is the first part of the process of telling the company story.

Is this a new project or a continuation of an existing one?
Do you have all the components of the project or will they be needing to be created?
Do you own (or have written permission / approval) to use all the content that you would like to use for the project?

The full process (the ideal project process):
1. I meet with the client to get a good understanding of what the problem they are trying to solve is.
2. I go over with them all the parts they have "in stock" and gain a understanding of what will need to be build / created.
3. I have the client go over their understanding of their customer / user and express a good understanding of them.
4. I conduct research on: the company, the product lines, and the consumers (users) and form a good understanding.
5. Once the research phase is completed and a solid understanding of what the project is I will create concepts (sketches, mock ups etc depending on what the project is)
6. These are reviewed by the client and I request the adjustments needed (project dependent)
7. A few rounds of revisions can be done.
8. Depending on the project testing is done with users and revisions are completed.
9. A final project is produced.
10. The project is published.

It all depends on what the project is.
It would be a good idea of they were comfortable and ready to answer a lot of questions about all aspects of the project and their business.

My projects can change every time and that is a fun challenge to adjust to. Overall they all seem to have parts that are similar but still find ways to make them unique.

Partly it is a family thing, from Grandfather to Father to me.
I enjoy the process of building my business and the opportunities it can open and the ability to meet new people.

Design (and the creative process) is about translation. Designers take the language of the stake holders (my client) and the language of the users (consumers) and translates both into a single new language (the product / project) that fills all the needs of those involved. It is a process of discovery and refinement that builds a journey positive for all involved.

I am able to work comfortably in a remote / online situation with no problems depending on the type of project. Some physical projects could require shipments. All of my projects are adjustable as needed.

I am happy to work via phone / or digital (zoom etc) as needed. Physical paperwork (ie contracts) can be mailed or dealt with digitally as needed. Following the current regulations about social distancing / masks etc. are not an issue for me if they should be local and would like to meet in person (provided a location could be found).


2D visual creative services

Digital creative projects

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