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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


At Bedrock, we know that you want the best protection for yourself and your assets, knowing the many potential threats and security issues you face are unique. To do that, you need a bespoke protection plan for your life, privacy, and assets.

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10 December 2019

Bodyguard Services

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Being a part of a profession that brings peace of mind to people is what I love most about what we do here at Bedrock. Quality Assurance is at the forefront of our model, and we are committed to customer satisfaction and getting expected results.

We live in a world that has threats from every direction. We started this company to combat those threats and help people and corporations eliminate risk.

We have 250+ satisfied clients. We've solved more than 1,100 cases with more than 10,000 field hours in our 10+ years of service.

Yes, we'd be happy to provide remote services to the markets we are licensed in. Those markets include: Nevada, Utah, California, Arizona, Montana, Washington, New Mexico and Colorado.


Conducting background research can help you better understand your subject’s history and provide you with the information you seek. Whether you are taking in a new employee, tenant, or just need more information on a particular individual, our investigators can give you the answers you need.

Whether you are taking on a major business transaction or making another important decision it is vital that you conduct a due diligence investigation for you to fully understand the scope of the decision. When your future is potentially at risk, it is important to cover yourself in all aspects, our professional investigators will give you the upper hand.

Our criminal defense investigators provide our attorney clients with assistance by investigating, analyzing cases, and providing support for various tasks leading up to litigation. Over our years of service, we have worked with countless litigation teams and have developed an intricate knowledge of the legal system and its procedures.

Conducting surveillance can help you better understand your subject’s routine and activities as well as provide you with information on various aspects of their life. There are multiple reasons for our clients to request surveillance, but the common denominator is a need to know more about the subject’s activities.

Be protected against loss, embarrassment, or harm
● VIP Secure Air and Ground Transportation
● Advance logistics and planning
● Specialist Security Drivers
● Executive Protection Agents
● Residential Security Teams
● Concierge-level support, facilitation, and convenience
●  Travel Risk Management ISO:31030

Create a secure environment at your office or next event
● Executive Protection
● Branded events
● Shareholder & board meetings
● Corporate gatherings
● Building construction insurance compliance
● Specialist Security Personnel
● Corporate Security Officers
● Transportation and Travel Risk Management ISO:31030

Put us to work for you, so you can take back your time
● Private Investigation & Intelligence
● Surveillance Operatives
● Due Diligence Research
● Security Consulting & Training
● Workplace Violence Interdiction Programs
● Security Threat, Risk, and Vulnerability Assessments
● Executive Protection Training
● Executive Protection Program Development
● Security Action Plans
● Travel Risk Management ISO:31030

Manage digital risk and gain peace of mind
● Insider threat detection
● Cyber awareness training
● Cyber liability insurance
● HIPAA and PCI compliance
● High Trust