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My life's purpose has always been to help people, although the exact path has varied a bit. I am blessed to do that now as a holistic coach in addition to being a nurse. My nursing background combined with my coaching experience delivers a unique, personalized approach to helping you live your best life!


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22 August 2020

I’ve been a coaching client of Jenny’s for a while now. She has empowered me to change things about myself without making me feel like they NEED to change. I love that we do things on my terms and in my own time. I am so grateful! More...

20 August 2020

I just finished finished my second session with Jenny. I highly recommend that you check out what she has to offer for yourselves. I need to make some serious lifestyle changes to become my best self for optimum health. Jenny’s coaching is helping me to identify the changes I need to make while offering realistic suggestions and choices that fit my lifestyle that will allow me to be successful. She also has mental exercises that helped me figure out what has been holding me back. - Sherry More...

20 August 2020

excellent with communication and follow-up. Jenny's positive energy gets positive results. I was able to define my goals, let go of negative energy and achieve results. My time spent with Jenny's coaching was worth every minute. Happy smiles 😃 More...

20 August 2020

Jenny is excellent! She has your best interest in mind and just like her business name, she wants you to “become your best”! She really helped me with my confidence and people skills. I love how she uses real life examples and does a recap during the next session. She does not do the “cookie cutter approach” but instead personalizes and focuses on your individual goals and a plan to achieve those goals. I highly recommend anyone to do coaching sessions with Jenny! More...


I love working with women to help them rekindle their spark and passion. I believe that most of us want to be happy and fulfilled and have a meaningful life, but it can seem out of reach. Helping women find the answers within themselves lights me up like nothing else! You can check out my free guide at http://jennylytle.com/ready-set-go

I had my own struggles, started doing the work to change my life, and discovered that what I love most is helping others that are dealing with similar issues. I had checked the boxes - good career, family, friends, home, security.... but felt that something was missing. I'm living my best life and it keeps getting better - and I want that for others. Check out my free guide at http://jennylytle.com/ready-set-go to get started on your own journey!

Because I get it. I understand what it's like to struggle and want more out of life. I know how confusing it can seem, but how great it can be when you start taking steps in the right direction. In addition, my nursing background gives me a unique approach to coaching that leads to quick results. Not totally sure? Check out my free guide at You can check out my free guide at http://jennylytle.com/ready-set-go