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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Brady Roberts works with his clients to understand their fitness goals, creating a customized strategy for helping them achieve new personal milestones. Brady has been named one of Houston's best fitness trainers by the Houston Chronicle. He was also recently named one of the Houston area's Top 3 Health Coaches by Thumbtack Professional Services.

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24 July 2021

I’m not one to leave reviews, but feel I should as Brady truly deserves 5 stars! Brady’s workouts are perfect for what I’m trying to accomplish. Brady took the time to find out what I was trying to accomplish and developed a plan for me to meet my goals. He’s very knowledgeable and makes sure you understand and complete the exercises in correct form. Each workout is different and you leave with a full body workout. I highly recommend Brady Roberts! More...

13 April 2021

Brady is such a great trainer! My friend and I come to his sessions once a week, and he comes up with the perfect workouts for our goals, and I have seen huge results since going to him. Highly recommend!

11 February 2021

I have been going to Brady since October of 2020. He is always on time and ready for my appointments. I appreciate that he values my time. The workout is always different and challenging. I've improved my form and increased the weight I'm able to lift without really realizing it. He keeps it interesting and it makes me accountable. I recommend him anytime my friends talk about wanting to get fit. I'm very happy with my results and feel like my time and money is well spent. If you want to get in shape, feel better about your health and need some help getting there, he is your guy! More...

10 February 2021

As an active 70 year old, I had rotator cuff and hernia surgery over the last 18 months. Knowing Brady, I engaged him to re strengthen my core. We worked out for two months and took December off. We started three a days per week with we walking/ jogging at Memorial Park 6 miles after our session. I play golf the other four days a week. I couldn’t be happier with the trend and progress of my strengthening. He keeps me in line for the results. Highly recommend. Professional, timely and prompt with schedule flexibility. More...

19 June 2020

Personal Trainers

Brady is amazing!!! I would highly recommend him!

10 August 2019

Brady is a phenomenal trainer. After the first session I could tell he had worked with many people and at the same time looked at me as an individual client with my own goals and concerns. Needless I say I was impressed and that was only on the first day. Each session he continued to demonstrate his knowledge and expertise that sets him apart from so many of the trainers that plain and simply don’t know what they’re doing. He helped me strengthen my knee and het back to squatting. My workouts haven’t been the same after working out with Brady. I used to go in the gym and wonder if I was doing enough. That level of intensity was missing and Brady helped me find it. More...

23 July 2019

Brady has been a great fit for me. I don't like routine and I get bored with my workouts, but Brady always makes it interesting and pushes me further. .. after 3 months I'm seeing great results... and I will continue to use him as a Trainer for a while.

Thanks Brady

17 January 2019

I would highly recommend Brady to anyone looking for a trainer, he is professional, approachable and encouraging.
I look forward to every workout I have with him!

13 September 2018

I am a senior, obese man with extreme mobility issues (balance, etc). I knew I wanted to commit myself to getting my mobility back to whattever degree possible, but knew I would need the help from a trainer who was experienced with these types of issues. I did intensive research and found Brady. Brady provided me with a number of references that I contacted -- all of them gave Brady glowing recommendations and how much he had helped them to achieve their goals. After hearing these reviews and knowing that my road to achieve my goals would take some time, I began my work with Brady. immediately. In 4 months I have seen a dramatic improvement in some of my functional abilities like being able to get out of a lower level chair, or being able to bend over to pick something up I dropped... these may seem like small changes, but for me they are monumental. I am impressed with Brady's knowledge and trust his guidance to help me get where I want to be. I highly recommend him if you are considering working with a trainer. More...

21 May 2018

I contacted Brady as a total newbie: I was far from athletic in High School and have not entered a gym or exercised in the intervening 35 years. Brady made me feel comfortable and got me started on a program that has had results I can see and (more importantly) feel. It's not an exaggeration to say that our workouts have had a hugely positive impact on my well-being.

I honestly look forward to my sessions with him. He pushes me -- but never too far. He's pragmatic, practical, & full of good advice (though I haven't managed to follow all of it yet).

I've seen him working with other folks and have noticed that we're doing totally different things. He appears to design his sessions around each person's abilities (limits?) & needs. He takes his responsibility to his clients seriously.

10 April 2018

Been working out for a few years now. Brady Roberts, my trainer, has been excellent and consistent. Good quality workouts. If you're looking for a good professional trainer, give Brady a call. More...

31 January 2018

Excellent trainer. Brady is very motivational, thorough, and inspiring. He custom-tailors each workout to make sure you stay on track and reach milestones. He's very knowledgeable about fitness, nutrition, and anatomy. More...

8 January 2018

Trained with Brady for 4 months with the goal to be competition ready at the end of that 4 months. I lost over 20 lbs/8% bf, and gained muscles I have never seen before. It's been years since I've seen my abs that developed and now I never want to wear clothes. Went from a 34" waist down to a 28-29". Even on days I didn't feel like training, he pushed me through some intense workouts. Helped me get my diet on track, coached me through workouts when I was out of town travelling, and was always very responsive whenever I had a question outside of the gym. Brady helped transform my life and my mindset. If I could, I would train with Brady forever. More...

14 November 2017

Tremendous training. Workouts individually designed to increase strength and flexibility without injury. Hightly recommend

14 November 2017

Brady is the best. Great work outs tailored to your needs and abilities. Love the diversity of the sessions and the increased intensity each time pushes me to get in better shape.

13 November 2017

I suffer from hypothyroidism and, since my diagnosis, struggled with the energy needed to work out regularly. Brady has consistently worked with me to keep me active and motivated, and has done an exceptional job getting me to break through my own limitations. Very responsive! He has also never missed one of our scheduled sessions—reliable! More...


simply: I provide the most professional service in the industry.

The fitness industry wants this to seem complicated, when in reality it's simple: following the advice of your fitness professional.

Seeing others feeling accomplished when they start using my services.

My mom ran a successful landscaping company and always pushed me to work on my own.

I have over 10 years experience in the industry. I have a degree in my chosen field and loyal clients whom have been with me for over 10 years. You will not find many trainers who can make any of these statements accurately.

Yes. I work with customers via Skype or FaceTime if they prefer. Minimal to no equipment needed

I wear a face mask and sanitize often. Social distance where needed and take payments online. I also provide services remotely if requested.