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10 December 2019

Best Cake. 5/5

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25 January 2019

Helped my life!

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25 May 2018

Simply The Best

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6 September 2017

I got a massage from Andra yesterday and it was wonderful. I was having some stiffness in my right neck and shoulder area. She found the location of the problem right away and worked on some of my trigger points to relieve my pain and give me more mobility.  She is a phenomenal body worker and I highly recommend her. More...

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22 June 2015

Seeing Dr. LeBauer has been a life saver and saved me from having a surgery I did not want but I was not finding any relief from the pain and tingling. I was at the end of my rope and on the verge of scheduling the surgery.  My sister recommended him to me and I am so glad i called him. His treatments provided the relief from my pain.I first came to Dr. LeBauer in October of last year. At that time I was limited in what I could do in my daily activities from the pain in my arm and neck from my herniated disc.  I had tried many different forms of treatment- traction, physical therapy, and epidural cortisone shots. All of those relieved my symptoms some but not to the lasting effect that treatment from Dr. LeBauer has provided.   I had pain in my neck at about a 4 out of 10, unrelenting aching/ burning pain in my upper right arm, my arms went numb when I would sleep, and I was unable to exercise or read a book.  The myofascial release is a godsend. Dr Lebauer is very knowledgable, understanding, and explains things in a comprehensible manner.  He has a very calming demeanor and quickly put me at ease.  Since I have been seeing him, there has been a 180 degree turn in my life. I am now completely back to my old life.  I have no trouble with daily activites, I can exercise, read a book, and sleep with ease.   The pain in my neck is gone. The pain in my arm is gone. The numbness and tingling has vanished.  I regained range of motion in my neck that I thought I had permanently lost.  I am so thankful I found Dr. LeBauer. He has given me my life back.   If you are in constant pain, give him a call.  You won't regret it !!!! More...

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11 November 2013

It was in March of this year that I was suffering from lower back pain..........my insurance allowed me to go to the physical therapist of my choice.  My wife and I own a salon near LeBauer Physical Therapy and on a whim I told the insurance company that I would go there due to location.  Very fortunate was I to have gone there.  Aaron LeBauer and his wife own their practice - his wife does massage therapy and I have not experienced her work - however, Dr. LeBauer did wonders for me, determining that my issue was contracted muscles in my lower back he worked therapy with me for six straight Wednesdays, gave me detailed instructions on exercises and the use of a small ball to work the muscles in my lower back.  He was knowledgeable and practical in his advice to me.  A relaxing environment and pleasant people - I will go back should I need therapy in the future - but now it is November and using his recommended exercises I am feeling so much better - thanks. More...

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