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I love animals they are my life. Giving them a second home where they are loved and treated properly is what matters to me. Not only do i sit dogs but cats, rabbits, rodents, fish, birds and even some farm animals.

I have worked in numerous boarding facilities as a kennel technician and have seen first hand how badly some animals are treated. I dont give a pet service i give a pet a second family.

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I have been a pet sitter going on 3 years now. Something i have a passion for love to do.

I use leashes and collars provided by owners. I do use my own shampoo for baths unless owners request i use theirs. I do bring my own treats sometimes if the owners donnot have any.

I love spending my time with animals. To me they are a family member the moment i meet them. Even if i could never see them again. I would treat any animal like i owner treat any person. Highest respect and kindness.

Working in kennels and boarding facilities. I saw most the time they were locked up in kennels or rooms and not really interacted with unless they were fed. I was yelled at by my boss for sitting in a room with a little dog who was terrified to even move from the corner. Trying to comfort him. I hate seeing that which is why i have better prices and i spend one on one time with the fur babies.

I could list a million reasons why you should like anyone else youd look at hiring. For me not about how well a person can talk themselves up but show you how much animals mean to them. Someone can act genuine but when your gone be mean and heartless.

When meeting i wear a mask. I sanitize my hands before i walk through a clients home. My house is cleaned and sanitized daily due to many animals coming in and out.


I go to your home and take your animals on a walk. A walk will last for 30 minutes for maximum energy release.
Proper exercise is important.

$10 a walk

I bathe and nail trim the animals. This can be requested upon owners wishes.
I do not charge for bathing if you board them with me in my or your home. It is free with boarding.

$10 a bath

Boarding your babies with me is a great choice! I have a smoke free home with a 1200 sq ft fenced yard. Boarding comes with free bath and nail trim.
The animals will have the living room as their main area. Its baby gated off from the rest of the home and is abundance with toys and couch covers so they can lounge on furniture.
I always advise owners when bringing them to always bring items that they are used to in their home. It makes the boarding transition easier for them with less stress.
$20 a night

I go and stay in your home. This is much like a house/pet sit service.
This service also gets free bath with it. I stay in the home for the duration you are gone. Sending daily photos and videos are my main thing.
$25 a night

I go to your home 2 to 3 times a day. Each drop in usually lasts an hour. This includes feedings, playtime, potty breaks and cuddles.

$20 a day

Animals are brought to my home for a small.period of time while their owners are working or have much needed alone time.

$10 a day

I offer long term military boarding. For men or women who are over seas deployed or even pcsing and cant immediately take their babies.
$15 a day