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East Northport, NY

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My mission is to help you shift your beliefs, identity, & habits to live a life of freedom and flow.

I am a Life & Mindset Coach as well as a Holistic Health Coach. I help you:
1. master your mindset so that your mind is working for you, not against you

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I love helping people see the potential in themselves that I already know is there. Giving people the tools and strategies to make sustainable change in their life lights me up.

My fuel and drive in life comes from helping people love life & become the version of themselves they know they are meant to be.

I have always known that I wanted to help people - I thought about becoming a psychologist, social worker, or a guidance counselor, but none of those career paths lit me up inside.

Once I found coaching and realized I could create my own-reality by helping other people realize their full potential, I felt a fire and passion light up inside of me that I don't foresee dying down any time soon.

I have created a life I love and have my dream job, and I see this for you too.

I am here for you. Point blank.

Your transformation is my highest priority and I believe every single person on this planet is limitless - you might just need some help seeing that.

I will tell you the things you might not want to hear, but NEED to hear so that you can make the changes you hired me to make - change isn't always easy and it might require some tough love, but I am here to give you all that while providing my support and encouragement all at the same time.

I have encountered my fair share of challenges in life and am extremely empathetic so I will never EVER judge you. My goal is to make you as open to receive all you desire and more.

I am an open book and for this to be the most transformational experience possible, you must feel comfortable with whoever you choose to coach you - so just like I hope you share your life with me, I am willing to do exactly the same if you want to know anything.

Lastly, I am in this to help you, no other reason - my biggest joys comes from seeing other people thrive & feel amazing.

Definitely! I provide my services through zoom or phone :)

I perform all my services online!! By doing sessions virtually, I ensure the safety of all my clients


I am all about holistic health and aligning, mind, body soul. I would love to help you develop a meditation practice to decrease anxiety & stress as well as improve emotional regulation. (Not to mention the long-lasting health benefits meditation provides)

I also love yoga and stretching! So much tension and emotional trauma is stored in the body so loosening up the body is key to healing!

I will help you thrive in all areas of life (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, career, relationships, etc.).

We will cover things like morning & nighttime routines, energy tracking (what drains you and what boosts you), goal setting, releasing limiting beliefs, etc.

I am here to help you live your best and most successful life.