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Back Office Special Accountants is one of the most prominent members in accounting and bookkeeping industry today.
Our modern extensive experience is bringing some significant changes to the bookkeeping industry in the digital environment.

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Accounts Payable Processing Services for Restaurants , Real Estate and Businesses
Full Service Back Office Accounting
Bank and Credit Card Reconciliation

Correct and Timely Accounting is very important to get the right financials on which Management can take the business decisions.
It is important to pay your vendors in time and get paid from your customers in time
It is important to discharge your statutory obligations to file your taxes and various returns in time

I love to hear the appreciation from my client that we have delivered the work in time and every time

I am second generation in my family to get in Accounting business. I am passionate to take it further with use of new age tools available.

My Clients should choose me to get the work in time , to have more efficiency in the process and bring in cost cutting in the process.

Yes, we provide our Back Office Accounting Services online / remotely. The basic concept of Back Office Accounting revolves around providing remote services. We provided the remote support in Corona Time Crisis , which proved very crucial to our clients

We provide the remote support. The nature of work of accounting , Accounts Payable processing, is such that Remote work is very successful , enables use of latest technology, imparts efficacy and cuts down the cost .


Accounts Payable Process with latest automation and use of Back Office Services can bring in significant efficiency in the process as well as cost cutting. Accounts Payable processing occupies a big share in cost of doing business. It may be bring down by way of imparting efficiency in the process and economy of scale by use of Back Office Accounting Specialist's Services.