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B2B2C Solutions is on a mission to transform retail stores. Retail stores
have, over the years, been passive and losing ground to e-commerce.
We supercharge retail stores by bringing the advancements offered by
cutting edge technologies to the comfort and pleasure associated with

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Retail Store Fixtures and fittings, tech enabled with IoTs and AI. Designing, manufacturing, supply, installation and support.

Modern, Technologically sound smart shelf blended with Sonic sensor, Weight sensor, Bluetooth beacons, and RFID.

Innovative designs, Customer satisfaction, operation support, retail store operation


The layout of stores has undergone a revolution, and
stores need to innovate to stand out from the competition.
To attract customers to the store, the shopping experience
must also be made more engaging. It requires stores to
think about unique designs and about the possibilities of
bringing the digital into the physical.
Lumirack’s mission is to ensure that stores have these
capabilities and more. With our sleek, modern, and
modular shelves, you have greater control over the
appearance of your store. Our digital signages engage
customers while making it easy for you to customize
content. And you have control over all the content in the
store in one place with our UI application. We help you
possess complete creative freedom over your store like
never before.

Customers can download the store app by just pointing to the store and the models and design of available clothes are brought to life.
AR integrates and adds value to the user’s interaction with the real world, using a simulation.

Through our range of AI solutions, you get detailed information regarding your customers to provide a more personalized shopping experience. Apart from that, it also helps in two crucial functions – securing the store and the people inside, and maintaining inventory.

Provide a new and thrilling shopping experience through the virtual fitting room.
Customers get to see how they look in different clothes without actually having to
wear them. They can even try different colors, sizes, and looks of the garment they like without having to leave the room.
In addition to that, this can be paired with suggestions for various accessories that go well with the clothes that customers are trying on. Not only does this make it a better experience for customers, it also increases the potential for additional sales.

When shopping for make-up, customers would like to try as many products as they can to get that ideal lipstick or eyeliner.
However, a lot of the time they settle for something after a few attempts as they are short on time and it is not practically possible to try on too many varieties.
Our digital face makeup lets customers experiment with the combinations they like, giving them a new and enjoyable shopping experience. With this, they can truly unleash their creativity before landing on that perfect match without worrying about safety or time constraints.

As safety looks set to be one of the long-term concerns of customers, using VR lets them see products that are in-store without having to physically be there. Stores should bring the shopping experience to customers where they need it and provide them with the tools to enable it. VR provides customers the shopping experience that they enjoy without having to compromise on their safety or security.

An exhibition booth design should be a reflection of your company’s values, mission, and what sets you apart from the competition.
Creating an exhibition booth that people will talk about requires more than just making promotional materials – it’s about taking your visitors on a journey. Your booth is a matter of creativity and artistic expression – and at
B2B2C Solutions, creativity is part of our DNA.
Let us help you make an interactive and immersive experience your guests will love.