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Doylestown, Pennsylvania, Bucks County

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Human beings are a visual species. They constantly observe and evaluate. Graphic design influences people. When it's done well people may be moved to experience something, learn more about it, buy it, trust it, taste it, play with it, own it, rent it, or just about any other human engagement.

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1) Talk, listen, learn
2) Explore ideas
3) Develop a range of possibilities to present
4) Deliver these ides
5) Revise or adjust some ideas based on client feedback
6) Present revised ideas
7) Fine tune
8) Final production and delivery to client

I need to learn about them and their business, There are both literal facts about a business and more subjective aspects of a person's creative thinking involved in this.

Learning about different businesses and then applying my creativity to help them grow.

I had learned a lot working for another company and felt it was time to explore my own business path.

For their own success. I find that when a company looks at marketing and branding as an investment they are usually pleased with the results. Good branding cal not only help persuade potential customers, it can also help to organize a company's direction and build pride in an internal workforce.


I create a custom look for any promotional materials, ads, or web sites. The right design can visually position a company well in addition to being a profitable business decision.

A logo is often the start of brand development. Every business and product is different. A company or product logo needs to deliver its qualities in an innovative and inspiring and "brandable" visual. We listen to you and then create a logo that you can grow with.

As a person pages through a publication, they experience the information over time. Pacing, composition, typography, image style, and concept are all used to make the experience entertaining, educational and to keep the reader engaged.

Ink is so "old-school." Well, not really. It's just another way to influence a target market. And knowing how to take a visual concept and make it sing with the specific challenges of printing is something we know well.

80 percent of wine sales are a result of the wine label. The packaging is a way to separate a product from the competition. It also gives an immediate perception of value to the potential buyer. At the point of sale, you want quality packaging on your side.

A cheap magic marker scribble or a beautifully designed sign, both may say "good food" but only one delivers a sense of truth and trust. The design of signage is critical to giving the best impression to the public. And with way-finding or educational signage effective design can make the complex look simple.

First, where is your target market "hanging out?" That is where you need to advertise. Now, No.1 - break through the clutter. No.2 - deliver a very quick initial message. No.3 - repeat. Repetitive and effective advertising cuts through the clutter and moves your company or product to the "top-of-mind."

Sometimes more education, sometimes more sales. Product or service literature needs to deliver an initial value proposition and then go deeper into what may motivate a customer to buy. This is done with the tone of the writing and with the "look" of the material. Making someone say "wow" while learning is the key.

A websites can be simple or complex. They can deliver information about a business or product or they can be an interactive tool used to accomplish tasks. Whatever the purpose, they need to function well for the human experience and for the current SEO requirements. Websites serve two masters.