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I make sure each one my clients receives a CONSTANT flow of hot leads that can efficiently turn into clients. I'll take the guesswork out of digital marketing, so you can happily jump to what you do best and make money.

I make sure each one my clients receives a CONSTANT flow of hot leads that can efficiently turn into clients.

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11 June 2021

Property Photography

It was relief working with Awaken Media Solution, Jimy the photographer was very professional and patient. I really liked the pictures for my listing.

Awaken Media Solutions

Reply from Awaken Media Solutions

Thank you very much for the review!

18 February 2021

Web Design

This seems to be a very professional company. However, time will tell. We have actually not done anything with the website, this will begin next week. I did enjoy conversing with Jimy Delago. More...

Awaken Media Solutions

Reply from Awaken Media Solutions

Thank you for the Review! We will definitely make sure that you are satisfied with the results you get from us!


A great website can be summed up to three important qualities.
1. Is speed optimized for mobile
2. Is beautiful by design while still loading fast
3. Fulfills the need of the visitor

The first quality is first because it's one of the fundamental qualities that Google looks for in websites. Google is now ranking websites based on how fast they load on mobile. Check out Google's lighthouse features to test your website!

The second is how well you can balance beauty with speed. It can definitely be done with an experienced web developer…. Such as myself….

The last is the anchor for all of the three qualities for a great website. Your website can be fast and beautiful but without the ability to fulfill a purpose, it's useless. A great website will fulfill the need of the visitor you are targeting. That's how your website brings in clients.

A lot of our questions can be answered by asking one fundamental question:
Can you tell me more about your business?

If we don’t get the answers we need from the fundamental question we'll ask these questions and a few more:

Goal setting
1. What are your goals?
2. What problems are you facing?

About clients
1. What's your ideal client look like?
2. How many leads are you getting?
a. How are you getting these leads?
b. How many leads do you want?

About the numbers
1. What are the services that you sell, and what's the price for each?
2. How much revenue do you have per month?
3. What's the average lifespan of a client?
4. What is Your Budget, and When Do You Want to Start?

There will be more questions during our calls, but these are the basic questions that will help me have a good understanding of your business.

I love bringing the solutions my clients needed to 10x their company's sales! It's fulfilling when I see a job well done.

I saw a need that I could satisfy very well. I take pleasure in seeing my clients succeed. I have a knack for business and jumped at the opportunity to drive sales not only for my own business, but for my clients.

When you work with me, you get a creative and strategic marketing experience that brings you leads more effectively than other guys. The way I do this is that I sit down with you to understand your needs first. I don't just place you in a cookie cutter process, I adapt the experience and knowledge I have about the subject and build an effective strategy that helps you reach your goals when you want it. Trust me, you'll love what you'll get when you work with me.

I can provide services online and remotely. I usually like working with local clients as I like to build in person relationships, but there is still the opportunity to build great relationships online. Let's talk and build a profitable relationship!

With all of my in person activities, I take precautions to make sure my clients are safe. I will have a mask and social distance when interacting with each of my clients. If my clients feel uncomfortable, I will adapt to their needs and make sure they feel good when working with me.


We will first take you through discovering your brand's identity in the form of colors and fonts to brand positioning. This will then open the door for your brand to come alive and inaction by creating your company's logos and graphics. This will be the foundation for your other marketing efforts and will set you apart from the competition.

Get measurable results you want out of being social. Let's build a community around your brand. The AMS team knows the ins and outs of every major platform and how to convert your owned attention into paying clients.

Social Media Marketing Framework
Social media marketing is a process. We can guide you through it to maximize your results from the social media effort. The process is:
1. Strategy
2. Planning and posting
3. Observe and engage
4. Advertising
5. Analyze and report

We build consistent and clean websites to provide the best user experience for your visitors. It will be functional as our team of web developers works on each page to make sure pages connect like they need to and pop up faster than the customer's attention span. Web design goes hand in hand with web development as the designer builds eye-catching visuals as the developer brings it to life through code.

Content production is where the fun begins! This is where we make the good stuff that people want to look at for a very long time.

The "good stuff" is the different type of content that leads your target audience through the buyer's journey. The good stuff isn't just a blog, it's the informative video that shows them how to do what they want to do or the interactive web page that motivates them to do more.

Ads push your brand to the top of the search results. They are the fastest method to use to bring in valuable data that can help propel your other prospecting sources.

Ads are the attention you pay for and boy they are great! If done correctly with the right product you can make more than 100x of the costs. To get these kind of results from your pay-per-click ads there are a few factors we can take care of for you.
1. Keywords
2. Landing Page quality
3. The creativity of your ad
4. Quality Score

Get long-term growth. This kind of work requires patience, know-how, and a good amount of creativity.

A good Search Engine Optimization strategy can be hard to nail down. The algorithms are always changing and keeping up with them can be difficult. It takes a good strategy to be tested and tweaked to build brand authority for your website. No matter the industry we got what it takes to bring the right audience to your site.
Pick and choose what you'd need. We have the tools to give you a complete SEO overhaul.

When you are listing a home, your first impression is crucial. That’s why we offer state of the art and professionally shot photography to make your listing stand out. We will produce photos that result in more showings and, ultimately, a sale. We will capture the essence of every room and important details! Your clients will thank you for it.

Getting professionally produced video is fundamental to gathering interested eyes to your listing. What was initially a home people glanced at for a second is now implanted on their minds for much longer. Fortunately, Cap off Productions offers video services at affordable prices. We can create videos that provide remarkable visual experiences that hook your audience. Smooth transitions, gorgeous lighting, and much more awaits those who choose to work with us.