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Avanti JMS established in 2011 when businesses were struggling during a recession. The firm has managed numerous books from retail liquor stores to movie theaters to AirBnB properties. Our bookkeepers have experience in many industries from hospitality to retail management.

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15 November 2021

Kevin is amazing!! He turned my financials straight and ensured it matched my taxes. He does not play when it comes to business finances. He is the real deal!!!

Ohh and keep in mind his services includes vacation packages at a discount!! We went to Disney with huge discounts!! Thanks Kevin!!

15 November 2021

Kevin is the best! He managed our AIRBNB and helped with our partnership. his tax knowledge is very extensive and offers lots of services in return than any bookkeeping firm I used in the past!

You would never be disappointed!!


We provide all the accounting services you may require from Financial Statements to daily bookkeeping services to handling all your business finances. Just let us know how you want us to proceed.

Great accountants are best from the reviews that they receive. But I want more than that when it comes to an accountant. Great accountants are well versed and educated. With AI technology coming to terms in the accounting world, now is the time to change how these firms work. Businesses deserve rewards for their vendors who provide services as well. That is where my great accounting goes further. You will receive travel rewards to discount services for attorneys or audit services from a CPA. Inquire for more details.

Helping the small business become a staple to the community and at the same time put a run for the BIG businesses that the small business caters to.

When I realized that small businesses are not getting the support of real accountants because of gouging prices and services for simple tasks.

You have plenty of choices. But if you want to hear from my real clients in person just let them tell you why.

I can do everything remotely and online. My goal is to spread the services as far as the dream is for everyone.

I started the full force of my firm because of covid. Everything I do is remote and access to all documents through cloud. We can meet face to face if available, but my goal is to do as much as I can for the client in a quick manner.


We are firm that believes that you should get rewards for having an accountant. There are many to choose from but none that can make your life easier and joyful when you need it.

We do all the accounting and bookkeeping services, but we also have access to people you'll need on a daily basis to help manage your business. We have discounts on CPAs, Web Designers, Marketing Strategists, Tax Attorneys, Corporate Attorneys, Financial Planners, Vacations Services, and discounts on tickets and events.

Our goal is to ensure that you have all the uses of a typical accounting firm but with perks!!

Reach out today to learn more.