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Andy Cayer

Omaha, NE

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I’m 40-years old, and I’ve been living a healthy and active lifestyle for 16-years. I’m considered three dimensional, as I do it all - weightlifter, runner, swimmer, cyclist, ultra-marathoner, marathoner, hiker, triathlete. There is nothing I don’t do - I seek all physical and mental challenges.

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I listen to what my clients want to achieve, I build a solid workout plan and we work together as a team to achieve desired results!

The secret is to eat a well-balanced diet, with tons of fresh fruits and vegetables, get the body moving, heart rate elevated, and burn calories, and finally get plenty of rest through quality sleep

I love helping and watching my clients progress, transform and seeing them so excited about it all.

It can be stressful for someone who is trying to started on their exercise and fitness journey, and I’m here to provide them with the tools to be successful. It has been a passion of for many, many years.

I’m 40-years old, and I recently retired from the military after 21-years. I’m a super energetic, positive, motivated individual who is fueled by living a healthy and active lifestyle - I’ve been living, breathing and walking this lifestyle for 22-years. I’m well-rounded in the fitness arena, and I’m skilled in all aspects of fitness. This is my passion!

If you need any services via online or remotely, I can provide you with a workout routine that’ll challenge you and get you the desired results you’re seeking.


If you’re seeking to get fit, feel amazing, increase longevity and enjoy optimal living, it will bring me great pleasure to motivate, push, and guide you on your path to reach your desired health and fitness goals, as it is a huge passion of mine.