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Pittsburgh, PA, Allegheny

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‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


Integrating Complementary Healing techniques with Traditional Psychotherapy to offer services that are unique and which support uncovering and addressing the root issues to the problems you are experiencing on a mental, emotional, physical or spiritual level.

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22 May 2018

I saw Amy for business consultation. She is amazingly insightful! She is able to quickly and accurately hone in on ways to make your business more authentic for you. I highly recommend her services for anyone looking to align their business with their personal goals and beliefs. More...

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I love that I get to offer the depth of healing techniques that I have experienced in my own healing journey and use them on others to support their deeper growth, transformation and healing. It is always an honor to have others courageously let me in to their suffering. I love helping people discover themselves and learning how to care for themselves in a holistic and caring way. Empowering people with skills, tools, and strategies to address the problems in their lives is what I love.

My own pain and recovery from childhood trauma lead to an early life understanding of human behavior, dysfunction, and solutions. This lead to my desire to take this information and natural skills to help others. From my ongoing work to heal and tend to my own wounds holistically, I have learned first hand what works and doesn't and when I came up against the limitations of traditional psychotherapy to be effective in my personal healing, I sought alternative treatment methods to explore how to get better. I experienced deeper healing with energy modalities, acupuncture, naturapathic medicine, shamanism, intuitive healing, meditation, acupressure, and more. This lead to my pursuit to become trained as a Reiki Master, and mentorship in shamanic practices and intuitive development. Now I integrate these methods with traditional psychotherapy while also teaching other therapists how to integrate these modalities.

My services are unique . I do not just provide reiki as I am trained in other healing modalities as was as being licensed as a Clinical Social Worker with expertise and training in psychotherapy. Anyone can become a reiki practitioner or healer, without the expertise in being able to more fully address the issues that arise in the session as a psychotherapist is trained in doing. Additionally, psychotherapists who are trained in traditional methods, are also limited in their capacity to truly assess for, tend to, and potentially resolve core issues in the way that energy modalities, spirituality, and other healing practices can. I also often provide my services as an adjunct to traditional psychotherapy that you may seek elsewhere.


I am supporting you in reconnecting to your body's natural healing and restorative abilities by integrating techniques from Traditional Psychotherapy with Complementary Healing techniques like Reiki, Energy Psychology, Meditation, Drumming, Shamanic Practices, Aromatherapy, and Intuitive Healing.

With 11 years expertise as a psychotherapist, I have assisted people in dealing with a wide range of emotional, interpersonal, and behavioral problems, helping people improve their overall health and well-being. I have been devoted to exploring spirituality, mind-body connections, and healing as both a professional therapist and in my personal journey of healing and recovery. On my journey, I have discovered many methods to support my own growth that aren't simply traditional counseling practices and two years ago I decided to focus my work on uncovering the core limitations and blocks that keep you from being well and helping you connect to your inner wisdom and potential.

The approaches I use assist me in assessing where you are blocked mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually; uncovering underlying and persistent issues that have kept you from healing, growing or moving forward in your life.

Reiki is a traditional Japanese Healing Technique that is used to support relaxation, healing, and the identification of and release of blocks to wellness.