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16 November 2023

I had to file a civil case against Vikki Lee Bauer and her company Amplus Realty. She harassed my family and tried to terminate our lease several months earlier than the agreement in an attempt to increase the rent. Withheld our security deposit and lied to anyone who reached out for a rental reference about my rental history and my character, mind you I'm a teacher with PWCS and have an 838 credit score and haven't missed a bill in all of my adult years.
Case ruled in our favor. The true colors of Vikki Lee Bauer were seen for the court and the Judge saw that the defendant most certainly defamed me. As I stated previously Vikki Lee was clearly unprofessional from the time we met on May 2, 2022. Finally done with this horrible lady who can't tell the truth to save her life. After her many months of hiding and lying, judgement day was served. Watching her lie on the stand was rewarding as I already have witnessed her unlawful behaviors. The law was on the side of the truth and we were the prevailing party. Prince William County General District Court Case #GV23003834-00 I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THE SERVICES OF THIS LADY TO ANYONE I KNOW. PLEASE FIND A MORE PROFESSIONAL/ETHICAL PROPERTY MANAGER WHO ISN'T ONLY AFTER THE MONEY. VIKKI LEE BAUER COULD NOT LIE AND BULLY HER WAY OUT OF THIS ONE AS SHE HAS DONE MANY TIMES BEFORE. IN LEAVING THIS REVIEW I HOPE THOSE DAYS WILL SOON COME TO AN END. RUN FAST IF YOU SEE HER COMING YOUR WAY.