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Chicago, IL


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Get a free quote from this professional

‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


who we are:
a full-service consulting agency specializing in creating and delivering sustainable plans and execution strategies.

who we work with:
individuals and brands who are ready to become industry leaders.

how we do it:
we build case specific solutions optimized for personal and business growth.

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8 customer reviews

22 September 2020

They set up an ordering system for our restaurant within 24 hours. Super fast and reliable!

3 May 2020

Worked on starting my first ecommerce business with them. They are the best in the field. We are now in the scaling stage to take my store to 6+ figures per month.

22 April 2020

They did SEO for my website several weeks ago and I am ranking higher than ever on Google. I recommend them for your marketing needs.

10 April 2020

Great social media marketing agency! I needed help growing my Instagram brand and didn't know where to begin so they were able to set up a plan of action to help grow.

9 April 2020

I worked with one of the consultants for my social media strategy and got so much insight in 30 minutes for my new business. I recommend them 5/5

9 April 2020

It was my first time using bark and this company reached out to me. They are currently managing my Facebook and Instagram ads. My website was completely renewed. Simply phenomenal company!! More...

9 April 2020

Got a website build for my e-commerce business and ready to start selling.

7 April 2020

The Amplifera team did a fantastic job on my brand strategy and website project. We are now working on a long-term marketing plan to take my business to the next level!


Creating a sustainable marketing plan that implements a cultural research analysis to create a scaled effect with local execution.

Bringing together creative minds to produce the best content across platforms that showcase your business on a professional level.

Designing elegant websites that are optimized for a mobile landscape and sustainably maintaining the site to guarantee dominant performance in the niche.

Managing business pages on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in order to elevate your online presence and engage with your followers.

Constructing targeted advertisement campaigns on social platforms and running promotions on a specific audiences to guarantee the flow of new customers into your business.

Building and enhancing a scalable sales process that converts qualified prospects into closing costumers.

Helping startups transition from developmental stages into the business world by providing access to mentorship and assistance.

Promoting small businesses on a local level through organic traffic driven by engagement with community pages and events.

Collaborating with popular social media figures to promote your business on a larger scale and make your brand more known.

Start an e-commerce business from scratch OR scale up an existing one.

Complete service includes: Building, launching, and growing a profitable online business:

1. Choosing a product

2. Researching the market

3. Setting up the business

4. Preparing to launch

5. Post launch consultation