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Amanda DaSilva

54 Thomas Street, Bloomfield, NJ

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I am self employed and take my services seriously. I love to be the help for a family in need even a mother in distress and can't keep up cleaning . People appreciate genuine help.


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Over 5 years. I started cleaning my local church every saturday, some local church member homes.
Then advanced to getting my own leads

Yes. I invest in all products , vaccums , dust pans , mop, broom,

I love to see the happy faces of clients. People become very amazed and appreciate how i can see the details of things.

I want to start a business that everyone needs. Providing a service that can never run out. I want to be the option someone takes when they really need the help and to get things done exactly how they request

Im very honest and serious about my job. I want to make my small business grow into something bigger. Im the employee and the boss at the moment. So my face is the representation of all the work being done.

Remotely only. I do not provide any online services. I am a independent experienced cleaner.

I provide mask for me and my partner, gloves and covid 19 products to clean with if requested. I also offer plant based products.


Change all bed coverings and replace with new clean coverings

Deep clean of all appliances
Other small appliances
Bathroom is included

Any sort of laundry that needs to be washed and folded.
Clothes organization.

Wipe outside of all appliances stove top only no nreak down
Outside of microwave, coffee maker , refrigerator doors
Bathroom is NOT included

Any seasonal clothing to be organized, cabinets with can goods, toys for children, any rooms to be cleaned out entirely

If a client has tasks or any stops to make that require a vehicle. I have own vehicle, insured and registered to me for great use.