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9080 Telstar Avenue unit 304, El Monte, CA, USA

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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


We are a security guard company, we find or train, hire the best capable guards for the job.
We negotiate as much as we can with the skilled guards to fit budget expectations but also we can also train new guard recruits with no background with subject experts and delivery measure data on for (example marksmanship, first aid, law, tactics, etc) to make proper guards, with a supervisor on call to lower cost to build long business partnership and repeat business as your security expectation!

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9 customer reviews

2 October 2023

At first, I had reservations about hiring security and bodyguarding services, but my experience with O-SHIELD ELITE PROTECTION completely changed my perspective. Their level of professionalism and commitment to my safety was evident from the very beginning after contacting them via
oshieldeliteprotection@ gmail. com
My situation required top-tier security, and O-Shield delivered exactly that. Their team of highly trained professionals provided me with a sense of security I hadn't felt before. They were not only efficient but also went the extra mile to ensure my safety. Their presence was discreet yet reassuring, and I could tell they were well-prepared to handle any situation. O-Shield Elite Protection truly lives up to its name, as I felt like I had the pinnacle of security by my side.
If you're in need of security and bodyguarding services that you can trust without a doubt, I highly recommend you contact O-Shield Elite Protection immediately. They are the epitome of professionalism and reliability in the field, and I couldn't be more satisfied with their service.

27 September 2023

Honestly, a partner's infidelity may not reflect on your worth as a partner or person, but it can definitely make you feel pretty alone and cheated. I got to catch my cheating husband through the help of Alan who I can say is the best private investigator. At first I doubted his services but what I felt was impossible became possible, I got access to my husband's phone and daily activities, I don't know how he did it but he's a smart professional investigator because it was as if I had his phone in my palm, omg! I got access to his Instagram messages, Location, WhatsApp, pictures sent and received, Facebook, calls, text messages etc all in one swipe. I was immensely happy and glad I got to discover the truth, knowledge is better than self doubt. He is definitely the real deal as I am a witness to this successful outcome. I encourage anyone to contact and Do not hesitate to reach out to Alan via email at nullhacker007 @gmail. com for a satisfactory spying and investigatory services. More...

26 September 2023

I was facing security concerns that were keeping me up at night. I needed a team that could provide the highest level of protection and peace of mind. O-Shield Elite Protection not only met but exceeded my expectations. Their expert team took charge of my security with precision and care almost after i contacted them through their number (434)261.0209. They were vigilant in ensuring my safety at all times, and their attention to detail was remarkable. I could rest easy knowing I had a top-notch security team by my side.
The commitment of O-Shield Elite Protection is truly unparalleled. They provided me with a level of protection that allowed me to go about my daily activities without fear. Their presence was reassuring, and their expertise was evident in every aspect of their service.
I can't recommend O-Shield Elite Protection enough to anyone in need of security and bodyguarding services. If you're looking for the pinnacle of reliability and professionalism in the security industry, O-Shield Elite Protection is the team you can trust Contact them via text or whatsapp on (434)261.0209.

23 January 2022

Security Guard Services

We needed security at one of our stores, and got the best deal with Allied. They now serve 3 of our locations because of how impressed I was with them. They are always on time, quick to adjust schedules based on our needs. Also the security team is incredible. More...

21 January 2022

On time and very professional in appearance, spirit, and attitude. Met our expectations of ensuring prescribed survalence of our building & premises. No doubt patrol guard was key to not having any incident. Thank you! More...

10 November 2021

Security Guard Services

Richard was fast, professional, and easy to work with. We had multiple things that had to be changed and adjusted but at the end of the day, they took care of it quickly and even gave us the best rates possible. It was a pleasure working with them and would definitely work again with them in future events. More...

2 November 2021

Security Guard Services

These guys were super nice. Made it super easy and worked with me to where I felt comfortable about the deal. The security personnel are super kind and easy going. They were able to follow my instructions and made everything feel safe. They asked questions and made sure my needs were satisfied. They stayed at there post and did great work! Thanks to these guys my party went off way easier and I had much more peace of mind thanks to them. More...

13 September 2021

Security Guard Services

Richard was attentive, organized and was able to meet my requests quickly and professionally.

29 August 2021

Security Guard Services

I feel safer knowing Allied security is at our facility.


The trust, responsibility, honor, respect and gratitude I receive in my service to protect my patron’s livelihood and safety.

The sense trust of people gave me as their security guard. After I had 5 years of security experience and general idea what it takes to provide good security guard service. I was and still I'm inspired to ensure replication of my security experience back to my own patrons who trust me with their protection and the peace of mind as guard service brokerage. As of 2022 I am now boasting 9 years of security experience and 5 years running a security company.

Not only will my company just be your security guard brokerage of the best skilled guards on the market, but also I take it upon myself to keep my clients happy with my company service by still working on the field and visually inspecting the guards and addressing a problem right away.

If you have live CCTV cameras and internet connection with them, we can connect it with a dispatcher and monitoring crew to see the guards blinds spots and let the guard know about any he didn't see on radio.


Security Patrol Service is a vehicular patrols instead of security guard on foot doing foot patrols, car patrol allows officers to cover large areas in order to quickly respond or apprehend. Both foot patrol and car patrol have certain strengths that the other might lack. For example, while foot patrol is more suited to establishing a community presence and improving relations, but it does not cover large distances.

Security, it's about reducing liability by strong visual deterrence and being vigilant of threats but mindful as not to antagonize patrons or individuals to do more but less. But we also do judge and react to great bodily threats accordingly and professionally for safety of all, including the offender(s).

Our company guards have first aid safety in mind as we were teaching first aid before evolving into security guard service due to my 8 years of security experience working as armed/unarmed security. Now also boasting 3 years of experience running a security company, being a broker for searching for good security guards. I and my team will make sure you get visual deterrence need and also guards that have the ability and training to de-escalate intense, high energy, stressful situations without physical engagement or if engagement occurs it will be handle lawfully and professionally, to ensure everyone's safety.