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All Day Fitness

376 E St Charles Rd, Lombard, IL, USA

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5 certifications. Insured. Nationally accredited. 14 years PT and 9 years mixed martial artist. Worked with Chicago Marathon and Wounded Warrior Project. As I make more with the online groups, I will start taking some of the money earned for local charities and build an online community that gets healthy while making a difference.

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By making sure they actually learn WHY we are doing what we are doing. I make things pretty easy to understand and break it down. I dont mind being asked questions.

Patience and discipline. Not a very sexy answer, I know.

That I get to show others how much I take health seriously and get to help them on THEIR fitness journeys. Your body truly is the only thing you will own in this world.

After doing this for so long you get to a point where you say to yourself "Ya know... if I am going to be doing all this work... I might as well do it for myself."

Not to brag or anything but I have been doing this a long time. Its the only thing I know (besides mma) and the only thing I have ever truly enjoyed. I try to bring a happy, positive and SUPPORTIVE energy while still letting you know the tough love truths of the fitness industry. I will tell you what you NEED to hear still but show/tell you how to do accomplish it. I got you.

Oh yea. Im actually making this account for MAINLY online groups throughout the week. It will be a slow build but again, if you read my profile youll see I have big plans for when the groups become successful.

Well.... online lol. If you're in one of my online groups then nothing to worry about. If you can come to the studio, my groups are always limited and small around 4 max. I air out the gym twice a day and everyone has their own space and equipment..afterwards everyone wipes down and cleans off their stuff with our cleaning wipes, towels and solutions.


Everyone gets their own PERSONALIZED program. We find a starting point together and create a game plan accordingly. This will strengths/weaknesses, muscle imbalances and any kind of injury limiting your mobility or ability to perform certain movements. From there everything gets tracked in your program to make sure we are on the right path. I can also be accessed whenever you need help or ideas. You dont just hear from me when I see you on a training day and take your money. Ill be in your corner and want you to succeed for however long you are with me. You got this!