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Outcomes of working with me include 1) cultivating power 2) optimizing your nervous system for health and mental fitness 3) deepening emotional intelligence so you can create trust, increase engagement, communicate your vision and inspire people.

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8 January 2021

As a client of Alicia’s for the past year, I can say she is a great coach and an expert practitioner of her craft. I have been a part of several team building and leadership training programs with her that have had meaningful impact on our team dynamics by boosting team synergy and demonstrably leveling up how we communicate, problem solve, and tackle disagreements.

In my personal coaching, I am continuously impressed by how insightful and poignant her observations are, while being gentle and expressed with such love that my internal judge and self-critic is rendered impotent, opening space for real transformation and growth. Alicia comes to our sessions prepared with effective practices aligned with my goals, and adapts them on-the-fly to whatever emotion or circumstance is present for me. She encourages my growth both professionally and personally, and is an incredible ally and advocate for my dreams. I feel grateful to have her on my team.

Alicia has so much wisdom from different practices, and she applies it with humility and tenderness, in a way tailored to each individual client. Whether you are a team seeking to arbitrate conflict more effectively, or an individual seeking to accelerate intra-personal work, or personal transformation in any sort of relationship (with yourself, with your colleagues, or romantic), she can be a guide and huge resource in helping you manifest the change you seek.

8 January 2021

Alicia Maness is a remarkable treasure. She has a heart of gold, which she tenderly deploys along with her deft capacity to connect, her incredibly insightful mind, and her unwaveringly accepting presence to create coaching programs that not only bring self-awareness and behavioral transformation, but also lay foundations of trust and appreciation so crucial for effective teamwork.

Working one-on-one or in small groups, she skillfully brings people's attention to the unconscious thoughts and feelings that may lead to unwanted behaviors, difficulty with co-workers, or struggles in decision-making. She creates space for people to open up through her own display of deep humility and skillful modeling of vulnerability. By encouraging people to embrace truth and reality with love and acceptance, she enables them to find a natural path to successfully navigate challenging situations with integrity and confidence.

Working alongside her as she crafted team-building off-sites, group connection exercises, and individual coaching programs for my 20-person software development team, I experienced heart-opening joy, humor, and reverence for the meticulous care and personal devotion Alicia brings to her work with people.

I wholeheartedly recommend Alicia for heart-based coaching that goes beyond the conventional, for organizations where self-awareness, kindness, and appreciation are understood to be foundations of successful teams, and where people are truly valued.

20 September 2020

This is amazing! I love how you break down the steps for how to implement this empowering peer review process. I see how doing this in the workplace could also have such an impact on relationships outside the workplace too.


It's an honor to facilitate personal and professional growth.

I have a unique capacity to customize just the right blend of approaches to facilitate growth. I hold a BA and MS, and my credentials include OT/L and eYT. My background include being a corporate creative, serving as a mental health clinician, and teaching yoga. This makes me somewhat of a wizard in the science of human functioning. As we get to know each other, I will offer you only the tools & challenges that are just right for you, so they will be effective for your unique personality, gifts, and goals.

Once you book a session online, my website generates a Zoom link to be used for our meeting and emails it to you.

Sessions are done online and in the convenience of our own homes, so we both stay safe! As the world opens up again: I am fully vaccinated! If you are also vaccinated and prefer in person sessions, we can arrange that in Montclair, Oakland.


Inspire trust by learning how to navigate career challenges; strengthening professional relationships; improving leadership presence and communication.