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AKNY Media is an experienced digital marketing agency. With developers and agents located in North and South America, Europe, and Asia; AKNY Media offers Web Design, SEO, E-Commerce & Social Media Marketing services to help you boost your online presence and Fast!

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26 November 2020

Hello, I want to know if you handle Website design for a new company, kindly get back to me ASAP, so that i can email you with the Job details. Thanks

Hi Paul, could you please send an email to info@aknymedia.com and I can customize your website project. - Andy

29 October 2020

Andy’s team just finished designing our travel incentive website. FANTASTIC job! Very creative guy and great team to work with- oh and excellent communication.

29 October 2020

Andy and his team did an outstanding job in developing our website! The creativity and help with our website layout has helped in increasing our sales by over 200%. His team is now developing a website for our car service here in NYC. Highly recommend for any project- big or small! More...

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Having the aesthetics is not enough. You can spend $10,000+ for a beautiful website - it’s what you do afterwards (promotion, marketing, SEO) is what really makes a great website!

What is your target audience for sales/business revenue?

What is the mission/point of your business and is it clearly stated on your website? Specifically the homepage.

Why is your website different (better) than your competitors?

I get to interact with people from all over the world to build the website; it’s helping to build their identity.

Covid-19. Being independent is now more important than ever.

We are the real deal. We simply make having a beautiful website affordable; so that great people can make their designs and put it on the WWW for everyone can see.


Although we specialize in Wordpress, we will design any dynamic and responsive website for you - Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix, etc.

We take great care in implementing the highest SEO standards for your websites functionality. We will take you to the top of search engines and work to get you the best stats for campaigns.