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Hi!! Thanks for stopping by! I'm super excited to hear from you about your project. About me? Well from many years in the construction, legal and brokerage worlds, AgencyRE was born to help people create spaces (and even help buy them!!

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22 April 2021

I am a general contractor who has worked with Alisa and AgencyRE on multiple projects. She has serious vision and creative chops, and she’s extremely organized and professional. We have done new construction and everything from architectural layouts, kitchen and bathroom design, to interiors and decor. I highly recommend Alisa and AgencyRE. More...

17 December 2020

Residential Interior Designers

I would not recommend using Alisa at all. It started off fine but turned into a stressful and unprofessional relationship. I asked that all pictures be approved by me that she posted for privacy and personal reasons and she ignored that, posted them anyways and then blocked me on social media so I couldn't see that she did it. We were supposed to go to a shop together and I told her it was closed, she insisted it wasn't and when we got there it was...we never went back. Constantly had to follow up on things and she was unprofessional in her communication we me. Don't waste your time, money or sanity. More...

AgencyRE, Inc.
AgencyRE, Inc.

Reply from AgencyRE, Inc.

This client's very passive-aggressive review is unfortunate. She was experiencing personal issues which caused the relationship and her ability to communicate to deteriorate drastically. She and her husband had issues to respond timely such that the contractor almost quit multiple times and only stayed on as a personal favor to me. I was given written permission to post all photos although they were only photos of a fireplace, a collage wall and a kitchen stool, nothing was posted without express WRITTEN permission. We went to a store which was closed temporarily due to Covid (but which stated it was open on its website). We went to other stores and I spent many hours on the project. Despite the passive aggressive behavior of the client and her attempt not to make full payment, the project turned out beautifully based upon my concepts and I am very proud of the end product.

18 November 2020

Residential Interior Designers

Alisa is professional, a wealth of knowledge, super responsive, very passionate and we hit it off immediately! I cannot wait to work with her of this project!

19 October 2020

Residential Interior Designers

Alisa is a wealth of knowledge! She gave me legal And design advice! She saved me lots of money and time and still offers me encouragement, business contacts and wisdom! I definitely plan to work with her again in the future!!!! More...

28 January 2020

Residential Interior Designers

A review does not come close to describing how very lucky I feel to have Alisa as a partner in creating a wonderful space. I’ve luved in my cool condo for a tear and a half and had been unable to find a designer who truly understood me and my vision . Ultimately, it’s a feeling. Alisa has been a gift. She is always responsive and available . She came to my home and was immediately able to offer her suggestions while being attentive and respectful to my likes and dislikes. She has always been completely transparent with about her process, her fees snd the logistics of the design process. She has fabulous taste always being respectful of my budget. She’s smart, cheerful, optimistic and nothing is too difficult so “no” is not part of her vocabulary. Do yourself a favor this year snd contact Alisa. I know you’ll be as thankful ad me!! More...

AgencyRE, Inc.
AgencyRE, Inc.

Reply from AgencyRE, Inc.

Wow! Thank you so much! Our friendship has just begun! Xo, Alisa


A huge part of the process is meeting with my client to go over their life - how they live, what they need, meet all members of the family, and to understand how making changes will help them be more relaxed, meet a goal, or beautify their space. Once a plan is made, then we proceed with design, which can be done to a degree, up front, or we start the construction or remodel journey and make decisions as we go. Decisions are project-specific and cater to the set up agreed between us.

As I have extensive construction management experience, in a remodel/rehab or new construction situation, often the process takes months rather than days/weeks, since the construction timeline can vary by project. I am available to consult throughout a construction project, and design decisions are often made along the way, rather than all up front - since in most cases, customers have a hard time visualizing changes to layouts and architectural matters when they are "2D" and it's easier for them to make decisions along the way, when they can see live, or in "3D" what is happening with the space.

I gravitate toward feminine styles, with layered textures and fabrics, bold colors and furniture and materials catered to the client's lifestyle. Everything has a place and purpose, and organization is centered around the client and their family.

I absolutely LOVE the creative and sourcing process and then seeing everything come together. Realizing how cabinets or appliances come in to complete a design, or wallpaper can compliment a space - it's a really amazing and fun process. I love the shopping or selection process as well - since it's really gratifying to find something or source from another country, as well as finding things locally from trusted stores. Even everyday staple-stores have amazing items to make a house a home.

I have been in the construction and real estate and legal industry for many years, and formerly owned and managed construction companies, so to some degree, I've lived my entire professional life around the industry. This was a natural extension of my creativity to begin to work on my own, and I have designed my own homes and friends' homes and so I decided to expand my reach!

I am extraordinarily passionate about my work, but I also come to the table seeing a TON of angles - from the design side, the side of fearlessness, as well as from my professional background in real estate, realtor/brokerage side, legal side, contractor side, and cost-financial side.

Not only have I been involved in luxury home and commercial construction, but I've assisted first-time buyers in different capacities, and throughout those years, I've seen many clients realize that now that they own a home - they have to fill it up. I really enjoy being a designer who can help synthesize their desires, needs and aesthetic, and it's fun to bring a client's ideas to life.

I have a very creative and bold way of doing things, and to some degree, I'm very open to being "non traditional", so I am interested in transformations and "rebirths" of a space. Most importantly though, I want people to choose me because with me - they get an organized, reliable and very resourceful "girl Friday" who can thoughtfully compose and execute a plan with energy, focus and drive - to get the job done right, with some fun along the way. I am the smile-finder and when I have finished - that is an amazing reward.

I am able to work remotely and have provided out-of-state design services. Although it's much much easier for me to work in person as a space needs to be felt and seen for me to fully understand spacing and light and what it needs, I remain available to assist nationwide.

I take my customer's lead. I arrive in a mask and with clean/sanitized hands, and observe appropriate distancing.


Need a room done but not sure where to start? For a flat fee and either some direction from you or you let me run wild on my own - I can transform it!

Bronze / 3 Hours: $300
Silver / 10 Hours: $700
Gold / 15 Hours: $1400

Not sure how much time we need? Then we can do Hourly pricing! Unsure? Let's chat.

Big picture: How do we do it? We will talk, meet or FaceTime, and then once you decide to go with me, I'll send you a contract with a questionnaire to help me understand what you like and do not like, and then I will create a mood-board for you. You'll know exactly where everything is found and can be purchased, and then we'll discuss "installation" whether you do it on your own or I am there to help. Bottom line, you will know what to put where, and we'll make it fabulous!

If you need construction services, then I can help with finding a contractor or work with yours, and we simply get our ideas down and then we handle purchasing/ordering and then I oversee the contractor making all of the ideas a reality!

Ready? I'm right here. Let's go! Call me at 312-720-0082 and we can set up a time to meet!

- Alisa

Doing the whole place? No problem. I can attack that! However, because it's way more than one room, we will come together, review a budget that you have, and we will examine what you want for each space. If you let me make all the decisions it goes a lot of faster - but you do get a vote, and you need to LOVE it, so more likely, than not, we set a budget and split up hours into reasonable chunks, or we work hourly. Some things just take longer - like kitchens - so once I know what you love and do not love, then it's MUCH easier for me to take the lead and run! Doing a commercial space? I got that down too.

But initial steps - we meet and talk and you get a feel for me, and we review the project. THEN I will give you a questionnaire that you will answer and that will give me a lot of information as to what you want, need, and how you live or want the place to end up. I ask a lot of questions, will force you to make some big picture decisions, and then we will begin to narrow down what you love. Because design has thousands upon thousands of choices, I aim to present you with a "mood board" that fits our goals, and then we begin to narrow down what really speaks to you from the choices I will provide. The process is made easier because I will organize it, hold your hand, and make sure you are getting GREAT (and I mean GOOD) pricing.

Once we pick something (say, like a bathroom tile), then I scour the WORLD to make sure I get us the best price. Then when I find the best supplier, I contact them, schmooze them a bit, and we get even better trade pricing in many cases. When I know what you like, then I will narrow down for you your choices, so we can work together to get down to what will be both awesome and practical for our project. Then we order it and make plans for installation. I can hold hands, or just direct from behind the scenes - we decide what works for your job!

Want to learn more? Just call ! 312-720-0082 and we can go from there!

I look forward to hearing from you!


Are we building from ground up? I love it, and am ready for the dust! I have tremendous construction experience (even a law degree in it) and so I can really examine a project from the beginning stages.

New Construction involves meetings and ideas, and buying a lot in bulk to get best pricing. We get together, review the ideas and project budgets, so I know what line-items I am working on, and we examine our schedules and the construction planned phases. Once I have direction and a plan and my services are locked down (I take a retainer and then bill hourly), I begin with mood boards and sheets for your review with material options so that we can begin to narrow down what we want. It's like designing a room, but on a bit of a different scale. If you're building you know that the still have to make. it shiny when it's all done if you want the right buyer, tenant or occupants.

Interested to chat? Find me at 312-720-0082 and we can go from there! I love construction and when you would see me in person, you'd find plenty of reasons to know it's true.

Be well!
- Alisa