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Mission Statement:
Our mission is to provide each client we work with the tools and guidance to achieve a healthier and more physically fit body. We do this by customizing your workouts around your current level of fitness and goals to ensure we see continuous progress and lasting results.

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14 December 2020

I've been working with Adam for over two years and he's consistently finding new ways to push me forward and improve my overall fitness and wellbeing. His knowledge of fitness seems endless, he's always researching and sharing new techniques and working to keep our sessions fresh and interesting. And I don't know how he does it, but he always seems able to push me just enough to be challenging, and always keeps it enjoyable. Highly recommend. More...

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I help my clients achieve their goals by offering them my expertise in the field of health and fitness that is backed by 16 years of training experience and numerous certifications and years of formal education. In addition, I give clients the accountability, motivation, and inspiration they need to help push them through their workouts in an efficient and safe manner. My approach is to create a plan for each client that is focused on their goals and needs, each workout is designed to progress them in a way that makes them feel accomplished and gives them the small victories each time they step foot in the gym that add up over time to positive lasting changes in their appearance, attitude, and health.

The secret to getting the body of your dreams is having a goal and a reason for that goal. If the reason for your goal is not important to you then you will not stick to the plan required to meet your goals. Consistency is the most important aspect of realizing the body of your dreams, having a schedule and prioritizing your workouts is a major key to your success. In addition, diet and supplementation play a key role in the results you see and how fast you will see them. However, the keys to diet and supplementation are the same for training and this is consistency, if you can consistently plan and prioritize your meals and your supplementation then your body will have no choice but to adapt and change into the body of your dreams. They key is to chip away day by day and understand that Rome was not built in a day and that you want to make the body of your dreams not a one shot deal but something that is built and maintained like a great piece of architecture or art work. Remember you only get one body in your lifetime, so you might as well work toward achieving and maintaining the best possible body you can through consistent habits of exercise and healthy eating and supplementation.

What I love most about my job is giving others the same confidence, mental toughness, and life lessons that training gave me as a young adult when I first discovered training. The ability to change your body through exercise and nutrition is an amazing thing, I went from having no confidence and believing that I could never have abs or that I could ever lift a certain amount of weight to being able to achieve these things through consistency and planning. The biggest life lesson training can give you is that having a plan and sticking to it will help you achieve almost anything in life. I love seeing the look on clients faces and how they light up when they lift a weight for 10 reps that they previously only could do for 5 reps or not at all prior to training. Or to see someone who was limited by a injured knee for years get their mobility back and be able to do those activities again with no pain. Or to see someone who feels down on themselves because of unwanted weight gain lose 40 pounds in a year and show up to a wedding or a event only to have everyone their tell them how great they look, giving them a huge sense of accomplishment and allowing them to regain their confidence. These are real instances from real clients that I have experienced and they make my job so gratifying and fulfilling and are the reasons why I love my job.

I was inspired to start my own business because I always wanted to help people in my own way and on my own terms. I always felt I could make a greater impact on my clients this way rather than working for a gym. Also, many of my mentors were self employed so following their lead going into business for myself was the natural progression that followed.

Clients should chose me because I bring with my services years of extensive knowledge and experience in the field of health and fitness. It is a fact that most people who embark on pursing personal training as a career quit and move onto something else after just 18 months. While there are many reasons for this, it should be noted that when you hire a trainer who is relatively new to the business you should keep in mind that they are doing this temporarily and may not have the education or experience needed to get you the results you want. I have been self employed in this business for 5 years now and training in the business altogether for 7 years in total if count the two years I worked for a gym. This is more than a job for me, this is my life, and when you work with me you will be getting a trainer who takes pride in giving you training that is focused on the details that most trainers will miss due to their lack of experience and education.

I do provide remote/online services. I offer diet and nutrition coaching and well as personal training. Feel free to visit my website and leave a message or give me a call for more details. We begin with a brief phone consult so I can learn more about you and your goals and then we schedule a FREE session where you can experience my training style and decide if you would like to commit to a program with me. Visit agfittraining.com for more details and how to contact me for more information.

At my studio location we are doing temperature checks before anyone is allowed inside. We are also doing contact tracing if anyone happens to test positive after using our facility which has never happened. In addition, everyone in the facility is required to wear a mask. We are also cleaning and disinfecting equipment after it is used.