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At Advanced Weight Loss & Wellness we take a thorough, holistic, evidenced-based approach to helping you find the real cause of your stubborn weight problem. This is accomplished by:
Testing for food allergies, In order to lose weight, it is essential to heal the gut first.

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28 April 2015

I went to Dr. Rettner for pain in my back and neck that has resurfaced over time. I've had chiropractic treatment since I was young, and am a big fan. Now, I find that many chiropractors are at least pretty good and can help - but others go much farther.

Dr. Rettner came highly recommended from multiple sources as being a true healer, and this is certainly true. In addition to the chiropractic work, he utilizes other energetic techniques to foster a deeper level of healing. I found myself feeling better on many levels after working with him, and will continue to keep going back. If you're seeking deeper transformation, don't spend any more time looking - try out the good doctor.

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15 January 2015

I recently saw Dr. Raphael Rettner at his clinic in Lafayette. The office was lovely and provided a calming, comfortable environment for healing work. I asked for help regarding anxiety about a particular class in my graduate program. Dr. Rettner used a combination of muscle testing, energy work, physical adjustments, Bach flower remedies, and spiritual readings to both discern what was going on with me, and to shift the problem. Immediately I felt more peaceful inside, and when I attended my class for the first time, all went much more smoothly than I’d anticipated. In addition, I felt a heightened sense of tenderness towards others over the next few days, which was very heart-opening. Whether for current issues, or more deeply-rooted patterns of dis-ease, I perceive that Dr. Rettner has the experience, skill, gifts and tools to truly make a difference in the lives of those he serves. Thank you, Dr. Raphael! More...

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17 November 2014

I would describe Dr Rettner as skilled, healing, supportive, compassionate, and once you get to know him better the surprise of his quick wit and humor is a plus. My L5-S1 disk is bulged and a painful left knee benefited from his amazing work. I have been seeing Dr Rettner for over a year now. The adjustments and muscle testing have given me excellent results. I can completely bend my knee pain free! So now that I can do deep knee bends, this is allowing me to finally do yoga which is helping to support my back at a rapid pace. My personal life this past year has been really challenging, the energy work he does has been very healing. Dr Rettner knows what he is doing and I am so thankful I have found him. I look back and see that I have come a long way with the benefits of his techniques while giving me a lot of support and compassion. His work is spot on.Thank you Dr. Raphael. More...

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14 November 2014

I have been treated by chiropractors for over 30 years and they have been some of the best out there. However, I could tell during my first session with Dr. Rettner that I was in for something very special, as his techniques and methods are much more integrative, holistic and advanced than any I've experienced. I leave his office after a session feeling MUCH better. I highly recommend him and have told a number of my best friends about him. My wife is going to see him soon to get help with her weight and adrenal fatigue. More...

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6 October 2014

Dr. Raphael Rettner is the best. I recently had a fall of my bike and managed to hit my elbow and left hip pretty hard. I've been having pain in my neck for the last week or so and I was just going to wait it out until a friend of mind talked to me about how I had to go get it checked.

Boy am I happy that I did, during my session Dr. Rettner asked me about all the injuries I've had in my life. They include a car accident (over 10 years old), multiple bike crashes, and more. Dr. Rettner found a misalignment for every injury and more.

I came out of his office feeling completely different, I had better posture than when I went in, more focus and definitely more energy. Don't be like my and wait till 10 years to figure out that you don't know what's best for you. Get help now!!

Dr. Raphael is much more than a Chiropractor, he also has a ton of other machines and knowledge related to loosing weight and staying healthy. Knowledge that we should all have and use regularly. He also sells books and more, you should check out his website to learn more.

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