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Buena Vista, California

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28 April 2019

The therapists here are extraordinarily skillful, warm and compassionate. I highly recommend FGI.I began working with Ellen Sande one week ago hoping for relief from some very deep-seated negative thoughts which have plagued me for several years. I expected that perhaps over the course of a few months of therapy and hard work I'd experience a little relief, which would have been welcome. This isn't my first go-round with therapy -- I've seen two other therapists at different institutions over the past two years with no success, and I felt nervous about starting up with yet another therapist. But after two 2-hour sessions my anger, resentment and anxiety disappeared. Completely. It's like waking up from a long and terrible nightmare. I feel immensely grateful for Ellen's expertise and the unique, effective cognitive tools implemented by all of the therapists at FGI.If you're looking for relief from immense emotional distress, look no further. You'll find it here. More...

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26 January 2019

How strange it is to not control,The thoughts that tumble through your head,Conflict, anger, a shout or frown,Give rise to terror, fear and dreadI’ve often got worthless adviceBut color me impressedInstead of words they gave me tools,And left me to do the rest

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26 May 2018

I've seen around 5 therapists before coming here, and all were mildly helpful. But my problems with anxiety and depression have persisted for years despite previous therapy and medication treatment. Coming to the Feeling Good Institute may be one of the most important things I've done in my life for my happiness and well being. Feels like I've opened a whole new world to live in with the changes that took place from coming here. More...

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