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Nutley, New Jersey, Essex

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At Accounting & Beyond, we take special consideration into putting your bottom line first. We believe most business owners are working around the clock and wearing multiple hats and not seeing much, or anything, in return for themselves. Our approach implements the Profit First approach and works towards working with only what is necessary.

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Payroll, data entry, classifying transactions, account reconciliations, quarterly and sales tax preparation and payment, invoicing, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable.

We analyze the details from the data and transactions from bookkeeping and prepare reports for clients. With these reports, we look for trends and outliers in the data that could indicate a potential issue. The report we find is most important is a statement of cash flows because cash in and cash out makes the most sense to people because our minds react to what actually happened with cash and how much is available. There are reports that we favor and encourage clients to want and develop a need for. However, we will also work with any reports clients currently use or need to be created.

As accountants for tomorrow’s small businesses, we realize the need to look forward. We will review current standings, pervious performance as well as your goals and work out solutions to make them achievable. Our consulting will include reason to implement Profit First, assist with setting it up and will work with you on a weekly basis till it becomes a habit.

A great accountant can be the difference between complying with regulations and taking a longer, often more tedious path to successful or diminishing cash and missing vendor and tax payments and causing a business to fail. A great accountant will know how to gauge what a company can afford, where cash can be used and how to improve sales. A great accountant will understand the many different roles and tasks that they oversee, such as receivables, payables, vendor relations, customer relations and payroll to name a few. Most importantly, a great accountant will see a story in the company financials and be able to break it down for owners and management to base decisions when changes are needed.

What I love most about being an accountant is being able to take workloads and responsibilities from owners of small businesses and enable them to get back to working on the business and move it forward. When small business owners get bogged down in with paperwork or in the details in reports and try to make sense of it, that's time that they aren't spending improving their business, making sales and thinking of the next new thing. I also take pride in discussing the business with owners and explaining a report or a red flag that may exist and why it matters and it being material enough for them to make changes.

I was inspired to start my own business when I became self-aware that if I remained working for one company in an accounting department, those specific roles might be all I'll ever get great or do. I love accounting because the responsibilities and main goals are always the same but the data is always different day-to-day and company-to-company. Accounting activities are cycling and repeat themselves on a schedule. When at one company, there's only one part of the cycle I was involved with and I always wanted to know more about the information prior and after me.
As the owner of my own accounting firm, I get to dive into the full accounting cycle for many companies and work with owners directly to review financials and other activities.

When clients work with me, just like any other service provider, they expect to be treated respectfully and professionally. One thing that separates me is that I do not expect the same in return; I demand it. I view my relationship with my clients as a partnership and I bring a lot to the table in the sense of financial reporting and consulting and find it hard to believe that an equitable partner would be treated differently. I also believe clients would want to work with me because I see the value that a great bookkeeper and accountant can be to a company and strongly feel that I'm not a commodity but a valuable resource.

When meeting with new clients, I am as interested to sense out how well we could work together and what they find important as the client is of me. I also need assurance that a client is really interested in what I have to offer and are fully invested in carrying out everything they are seeking my help with. If I do not feel these circumstances exist, I'll be honest and let you know. I find honestly is always the best route. And when it comes to a client's accounting and bookkeeping, as well as the relationship, I intend to be the best I can be to carry out both my mission and yours.

On a little less serious note, I want the best for my clients and will do anything I can to help make them more successful. I work remotely but if necessary, can work on location at times. As a business owner myself, I fully understand there is no turning work off and am always available to fit your schedule.