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If you are looking for extra space when the moving time comes, that can be complicated. Simply, finding extra space for your goods where you will be absolutely sure about their safety requires you to do good research and to look for companies that you can trust and you can rely on.

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17 June 2021

The company was excellent to work with and responsive when we had an issue with the lead mover. He didn't follow the step by step instructions. He was not responsive when we asked questions. He made fun of some of the companies rules. When we called the company they immediately spoke with the lead and his attitude changed. Everyone worked hard and completed our move without one broken item. More...

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19 March 2021

Priced reasonably and very professional. Clean and careful with everything. Moved a Therapedic Advanced Ergo System bed that is very heavy with a complicated mechanism; making it difficult to move. No issues with it or our other furniture. Excellent communication with us throughput the process. Enjoy! More...

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12 March 2021

Incompetent doesn't even begin to describe A2B Moving. Here are a few examples from my move in March 2021 -Packing onions and wrapping them with 2 sheet of paper each while my father's service flag was dumped in the bottom of a box? -Get reliable trucks....I had one of yours blocking my driveway for 48 hours because it broke down. - Having one of your workers quit on site after several arguments amongst your workers..... - Packing material estimate was woefully inaccurate since it took double the material that amount of material. More...

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10 March 2021

Despite many promises as to how my things would be transported, stored, handled, and delivered, the company didn't deliver on a single one of their promises. A LOT of money changed hands. Paid extra for Zero deductible, full value, full coverage insurance, yet, they refused to file a claim for the incredible damage they inflicted. Manyt promises were made, and broken. The estimator Grant was polite, and I like him a great deal. However, back at headquarters where they pull the strings, an entirely different story. The estimate included 3 full trucks, with a full crew, and a 1 day move. They didn't have enough truck space to complete the pack out so they quit and promised to return the following morning. On that day, the paperwork showed 4 men for this day, but only 2 showed. They finished loading up, then told me, we have to go, even though Grant promised to help you load out all your music gear, Wilbur said we don't have time for that. (This was a key promise made by Grant, the estimator, and he assured me many times it would be done!) Why didn't I trust them to move 250K worth of music gear? Irreplacable items, and a general sense of unease about their stability, despite having chosen them over 2 other competitors, based entirely on Grants assurances, and his power of persuasion. I have a terrible hand injury waiting for surgery, and multiple blown disks, and needed that extra assistance, and one of the promises that they made was that this would be done. I had to make no less than 4 calls, and the poor moving lead was bouncing like a ball back and forth. towards the end of the packet, they stopped applying inventory stickers, and just started shoving my things into the truck without a care as to how this might play out. He kept leaving, then co0ming back for items he missed. I was more than a little alarmed. I was both pissed off, and downright dismayed. I let them know, and after half a dozen exchanges, and return trips, my things were packed, but an entire extra day was consumed. It gets worse. They stored all my things, and didn't keep track of them. When they scheduled delivery to my new home, they arrived 3 hours and 45 minutes late, in two trucks. I asked, is this all of it? There is no chance it all made it on the truck! "Yes sir, we have an itemized inventory here!" I asked to see it, and whoever packed the truck marked down a check (to indicate it had been verified, and loaded!)  on 471 items.  However, only about 400 items were there, and many incomplete, thanks to them further disassembling them after they sticker them. So, they proceed to unpack it all, and do a decent job of unpacking it all, and not tearing up my house too much. They DID gouge the living crap out of the first landing on the stairs of my freshly sanded, and refinished hardwood floors, and at the end of the unload, the lead told me, um sir, there are many pieces missing from your furniture, and we cannot assemble your bed, or your kitchen table. Went and checked the truck, and sure enough it's empty. I check the inventory list, and about 20% of my belongings were nowhere to be found. Susbsantiall list of missing things. This included many pricy items. Also..."Um sir, I am not sure how this happened, but your 6500 dollar entertainment center got damaged." I kept calm, but was making a mental checklist of all the stuff that went wrong, and trying to wrap my head around how badly this was playing out. I have to say, judging from my experience so far the so called insurance doesn't exist. If it did, they wouldn't have had to take my entertainment center back with them, and TRY to fix it. The damage they did on that load out was relatively bad, but it got worse. It's midnight. The lead won't sign the paperwork showing an incomplete delivery, and neither will I. He calls Wilbur. Wilbur couldn't give a flying fig about my move (he is the one who decided to tell the lead to screw me the first time, and was doing so again now!) Wilbur demands the remaining balance, even though he hasn't upheld his end of the contract by ANY MEASURE. And he is rather nonchalant about how pissed I am. I didn't torch him. I merely asked him how he intended to make this right. "I will look around the warehouse, and call you back tomorrow". 3 days go by, and not only does he not call, but when he DOES, it's day 5. I politely tell him, you and I are done. I call Grant the following day to ask him when to expect my goods, and give him the entire rundown. He tells me, well, I cannot say anything that is going to make this better, but we WILL make it right. Victor calls and promises me a call in one day. Takes him 4. 11 days after delivery, they bring the rest of my stuff, and damage the entertainment center further! I am also out a 1400 dollar Balsam Hill Christmas tree! Avoid this company like the plague. They are not professionals. They are rank amateurs. A2B failed. Weeks more waiting ahead. More...

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18 January 2021

From the very first phone call this moving company was so pleasant to work with. Once moving day came we had totally underestimated how much stuff we needed to pack and move but they were so gracious and worked diligently all day long with positive and helpful attitudes! We had Kevin, Gustava and Troy. We had a very big couch and they were magicians with making it fit through the door! Amazing, very hardworking, if we ever move again we will definitely be using them! More...

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12 November 2020

We needed to have a very large wine cabinet, at over 800 pounds, and numerous cases of wine moved from a tight spot in a garage to another garage. We checked with several movers and received quotes that were all over the place price wise. And, a few movers were reluctant to move such a large item without disassembling it or quoted a very high price. We hired A 2 B Movers because Lisa in the office was very competent and was knowledgeable about her company’s ability to move such a large item. She also stated that her movers were all highly qualified staff members and they did not hire out less experienced “day labor”. We were able to schedule a Saturday move with only one week notice and everything went very smoothly. The movers arrived on time and quickly evaluated the move. I was very nervous about the whole move but the guys were confident and made the job look relatively easy! The move went perfectly and in much less time than quoted. Getting the cabinet out of the first garage was the toughest part and took the most time but the guys easily got the cabinet into place in its final destination within 15-20 minutes of arrival at the destination. My husband and I were quite impressed. The job was completed in less time than quoted and we were quite satisfied with the final price. Great job from the staff at A 2 B! Would highly recommend! More...

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4 November 2020

Do not use this company! They are a rip off. I moved on Friday, October 30 and the movers hit my water sprinkler in my apartment and broke it. My carpet and mattress and some special items got wet and they refuse to reimburse me or return my phone calls. Bad customer service. Do not use A2B! More...

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17 August 2020

Moving can be a pain we all know it, and as a service member I've had my fair share of moving. It was a good start to my move. The guys came on time, and shortly before putting anything on the truck , the crew manager said, we can load faster if we can get another guy. Now don't you think management should know how many people they need on a move? I'm not sure if they train their people to do things like that, but I call it the okie doke. Let's see if we can make more money. I called the office to let them know what their crew manager had asked. It just pissed me off. Don't try to increase the cost more than it already is. Then there's more charges, hidden fees is what I call it. They give you the quote based only on man hours. They charged me for not having a loading dock, cause the crew had to walk approximately 30 feet from the door to load the truck. Oh and please make sure you get a quote for supplies, that where the nickels and dimes happens , thats the hidden cost we don't see, tape and extra boxes.  Please ask as many questions as possible, moving experience can be like shopping for a used car. You'll never know what's next. Be careful when looking for a moving company. More...

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