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We provide several amazing modalities all under one roof.
We have
Sensory Deprivation Tank
Infrared Sauna

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4 customer reviews

21 May 2021

Seth made my experience nice and pleasant 😊🙏🏾Thank you for my 1st wonderful experience 🙌🏾

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25 September 2020

The facility is very clean, the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. And the staff are very friendly and informative . I will definitely be back!

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14 September 2020

Great Service! Enjoy the Cryotherapy very much!

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1 September 2020

Great people, facilities, and experiences!

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Helping people find their own healing path and to stay on it.


Chiropractic is the original wholistic science. When brain body conncection is working at 100% we are able to heal and grow at 100%.
Keep your spine aligned

Low-level laser technology and patented laser diodes to precisely target chronic pain centers. It reduces inflammation while promoting bio-stimulation at a cellular level in the musculoskeletal point of the pain’s origination. Unlike other lasers that are too strong and unreliable — and produce unwanted heat.

Patients with chronic low back pain who choose cold laser treatment experience improved comfort and quality of life without the risks associated with the side effects of opioids and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs — or NSAIDs — that can cause ulcers, bleeding, kidney disease and heart attacks.

Ayurvedic Nutritional & Health Counseling is a client analysis to determine your Dosha, holistic health plan to bring your body back into a state of perfect balance and health.

Ayurvedic Holistic Health Plan includes:

Custom designed daily routine
Foods and herbs to include in your diet as well as foods and herbs to avoid (based on your unique Doshas)
Yoga poses to suit your specific body type and needs
Mantras and breathing exercises to eliminate and reduce disease
Custom herbal formulas
Custom essential oil blends to balance your unique Doshas type

Float therapy provides a safe, isolated environment that gives the sensory/nervous system a break from external stimuli. Special salts are added to the water allowing buoyancy. This allows the body and brain to effortlessly ease into a deep state of natural relaxation. As the stress centers of the brain relax, levels of the body’s primary stress hormone, cortisol, are lowered while dopamine and endorphins, the neurotransmitters of happiness, are elevated. The body becomes weightless allowing muscles, joints and bones to rest and relax. As this occurs past emotions stored within the body are released, and as they do the salts inside the tank detox your system leaving you weightless and refreshed.

This procedure uses a red light system to target fat deposits under the skin. It's patented system "tricks" the mitochondria within the nucleus of the fat cell into creating a hole in its protective membranes. Once this hole forms, the fatty substances that are normally stored in the fat cell leave.

They can then be removed from your body naturally through your detoxification and elimination systems. The hole in the fat cell closes within a short time without its contents inside. Unlike other treatments, which rely on heat to kill and dissolve fat cells, this technique works with the natural way your body releases and disposes of excess fat.

Cryotherapy in the whole body chamber is a dry fresh, oxygenated air so you won’t experience shivering, goosebumps or other reactions that you might associate with being cold. Because of this technology, unlike an ice bath or immersion, cryotherapy is not painful.

During the treatment, your skin temperature will decrease between 30-45 degrees over 2.5-3.5 minutes inside the chamber. Even if you don’t like being cold, this process will rejuvenate your body, skin and mind, and you will leave feeling warmer then when you arrived.

As the body works to cool itself, there is a substantial increase in heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate, causing the body to burn more calories. This increase in heart rate also helps with circulation, increases blood flow, and lowers blood pressure.

Unlike traditional saunas, which operate at extremely harsh temperatures, infrared is a gentle, soothing, and therapeutic heat that promotes relaxation and improved sleep. Infrared sauna benefits include therapy that helps you relax while receiving an invigorating deep tissue sweat, leaving you fully refreshed after each session.

Mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves administration of 100% pure oxygen at a pressure between 1.3 -1.5 atm to help the body fluids absorb the oxygen. Mild hyperbaric therapy elevates the oxygen levels of the blood plasma in the body which results in increased oxygen flow into the tissues of the brain. The entire process is conducted in a pressurized chamber known as the mild hyperbaric chamber. The therapy stimulates the body's healing processes, increases the immunity, and releases the barriers which obstruct optimal blood flow into the brain.