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Kathleen. Remote Energy Healer for People & Pets


‘20 Certificate of Excellence

Remote Energy Healer for People & Pets…..$45.00 Energy Healing Sessions conducted long distance. Remote energy work is often MORE potent than in person. Wellness protocols also available to keep your immune system strong. Through the shared experience of non-ordinary states of awareness, a resonant field develops, which helps people awaken, self-heal and transform their lives. The Energy Medicine work I do, is equally effective on animals, as well as on people. Choose One: --Attunement --Pure Energy Medicine (For People & Pets. Requires 4 sessions) --Ecstatic Trance Session You won't find this combination anywhere else! This isn't Reiki, it's like Reiki on steroids! Sessions take from 30 min. to 1 hour, depending on the length of our discussion time, and the protocols needed. Attunement: First shared in 1929, this energy medicine practice creates a circuit for the flow of Attunement Current (the radiant life force) through the glands, organs, and other systems of the body. It connects up the physical body with an inherent fountain of power that is usually, rarely accessed. The power to initiate life, to re-formulate life patterns, to shift and re-mold DNA, and to lift up the frequency of one’s energy field. Life reveals itself through patterns. And each human form is a unique life-pattern. Radiant life force emanates from Source. Radiant life force projects itself out, by creating the lines of force around which matter gathers, revealing a human form. When that force is withdrawn, the human form will immediately begin to disintegrate. Attunement directly enhances the human radiant life-pattern. The benefits are too numerous to list. But besides other powerful healing results, it ramps up metabolism, energetically balances and adjusts, flushes out multiple systems, and brings relaxing peace. The endocrine glands are initially systematically targeted, followed by other areas of focus, as needed. The session is very quiet and peaceful. It opens a portal directly to Source: where conflict, tension, judgment, and dis-ease simply do not exist; a centering place characterized by stillness, peace and harmony. Disturbances on all levels recede. Space begins to develop inside, where once tendencies of chaos, fear, blame, overwhelm may have reigned before. Life force begins to move more freely in the system, and the outer manifestations of mind, body, and emotions are naturally brought into a clear coherent line, with corrections occurring at an energetic and cellular level. These may be felt as pulsations. Circulation is increased, especially in areas that have been stagnant, diseased or dysfunctional. I engage in a daily sanctification process to help build and purify this current, and I also set a sacred space prior to your session. (Available In Person and Remotely) Pure Energy Medicine: Practiced since the 1970's, this highly effective European energy healing method, addresses more severe and specific physical ailments, including pain relief. Specific protocols are applied depending on what physical or mental issues, you are seeking resolution from. This work takes place over four sessions, 24 hours apart, over four days in a row. (Available In Person and Remotely. Effective on both people and pets.) Ecstatic Trance Session: The body is just waves of energy, held together in various fields. This session is an entrainment to the sacred vibration sought after by The Shakers, The Sufis, The Gnostics, and others in the mystical ecstatic traditions. It is much older than Reiki, the oldest known account lies with the Kalahari Bushmen. It was also part of the daily practice of the Samurai. Bottom line, it gives you a better experience of life. It unbinds life force energy, which drives significant change. It is the opposite of a “stilled practice”. It is non-subtle in every way! William James characterized it as “deliciousness beyond anything known in ordinary consciousness”. Extreme joy and awe become habitual. Sensitivity to this energy, and the depth of your experience, build over time. Common results: - peak experiences - supports immune system and the healing process - raises your happiness set point. Awe and joy become habitual. - more aliveness and vitality. Expands the heart. Sets the soul on fire! - life changing in big way - stress and anxiety reduction - increased stress tolerance - ability to stay in the present moment - flushing out of situations that no longer serve you - sudden insights and clarity surrounding life decisions - higher self comes online - finding life purpose, activates personal growth - increased confidence - reduction of trauma states - better focus - more youthful appearance - drops musculature armoring, so posture improves - nervous system and trauma release - increased energy - healthy choices are made easier - increased openness to positive change - mental flexibility - better sleep - mystic self-transcendence, expanded states - core divine reality emerges - gnosis / satori / samadhi - making angelic contact during or after a session - shamanic experience - self-actualization - helpful with addictions - increased psychic abilities - getting 'high' without the use of substances (natural DMT is released in your body) - increased synchronicity - a person's core divine reality emerges - experience the 'Holy Moment' - deeper meditative states - connects to the Zero Point Field - cosmic consciousness states develop that trigger global awareness. Peak mystical experience. - experience of The Now, as put forth by Eckhart Tolle and others. (Available In Person. Available remotely to existing clients only.) All methodologies discussed here, are known to support healing of various conditions; however, they are not a substitute for standard medical care. These are non-invasive compliments to regular medical care. Appointment times: T, Th, or F from 9am MST to 4pm MST USA. Blessings on your journey! Kathleen

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What do you love most about your job?

I love seeing the miraculous personal transformations in my client's lives! Shifting out of a state of fog, trauma, no direction, sadness, and worry into clarity, lightness, enthusiasm for life, hope, and vitality. Whether it is a career change, spiritual crisis, or recovering from a toxic relationship, I can help.

Bliss states are common after consecutive sessions....leading to life altering shifts.

What inspired you to start your own business?

Many years ago, I found myself living a life that was no longer my own.
Repressed and contracted mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, I faced my personal dark night of the soul, head on. Investing in my inner life, I experienced and trained in, several transformational spiritual body mind modalities, emerging on the other side as a true self, tension free, and spiritually awake. The much sought after state of ‘flow’ became my norm, leading to health, abundance, frequent synchronicities and happiness.
The most influential common denominator I distilled from the modalities I studied, was the awakened state. Which is unavoidable and incredibly healing, when you let unobstructed life force energy flow in.

Interestingly, once this state was achieved, there was a natural overflow from my system, spilling outward and attracting others to me. As such, those in close contact would frequently experience heightened states of awareness themselves, and would seek my advice and counsel, or simply request to spend time in my presence to enjoy the heightened energetic state. Often these requests would come from my then, business finance clients. A little odd when the request comes at a conference table, during a Balance Sheet review!

My degree is in Finance. Having functioned many years in the upper level role of CFO, I bring a uniquely grounded, clear, wise and high integrity methodology of self-transformation.

It’s common for folks to find their way to me, when coping with life transition periods, major decisions to make; wanting more out of life; feel the urge to expand their lives; dealing with intractable health issues, Complex PTSD / Narcissistic or Emotional Abuse. Or, when they’ve simply exhausted more traditional spiritual paths, have reached a plateau, and are in search of a more real, expanded connection to the divine.

Why should our clients choose you?

--Practitioner integrity. The more self-purification work and mental hygiene I do, the higher, cleaner, and stronger the resonant field is, that is created for the benefit of my clients. My work is ongoing, unending....all for your benefit. This is simply a way of life for me now.
--Gentle patient kindness. Our mental, emotional, and physical systems shift when they are ready to up-level, and not a moment before! Also known as Divine Timing.
--Adding value to my client's lives. Creating and sustaining an expanded state of awareness, it can happen for you instantaneously, or over time.

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