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56 Flanshaw Road, Te Atatū South, Auckland 0610, New Zealand

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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


The business that brings Property Owners/Investors, Landlords, Tenants, Boarders, Flatmates, Homestay & Tradespeople together to make happy, enjoyable & prosperous homes.

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9 customer reviews

19 May 2021

The property manager had made a great job. Working 24 hours 7 days, and Excellent servive. Recommend to everyone.

12 May 2021

well, this guy is top notch, very loving customer service, helpful and whatever you need he will be on to it. best person to go too.

9 May 2021

Thomas is very helpful and will solve problems easily.

9 May 2021

We can rely on Thomas anytime. He is a good property manager.

23 April 2021

Amazing team to work with, reliable, professional and make themselves available to jump in and help anytime. Highly recommended.

22 April 2021

Excellent service. Good communication. Everyone in the team willing to help. Highly recommended 👌

22 April 2021

Everything is great. They make sure the property is good and well look after. Whenever we need them to fix something, they respond very quickly and make sure the problem fixed as soon as possible.

22 April 2021

Able -Thomas Property Mgmt provides Professional and impeccable Services with great turn around time. Highly recommended, outstanding services``

22 April 2021

Many thanks to the team at "Able-Thomas Properties". They are always available, helpful & on the move to serve. Highly recommended.
They are highly qualified professionals with years of great experiences in property management.


Meeting & chatting with customers to understand their needs. Customer services.

Travelled to New Zealand as an experienced & qualified skilled migrant and unable to gain employment. Became sick & tired to be told "you do not have New Zealand experience", "you are over-qualified for this job", "you are too experience", "we are worried that you might not stay long in this job", "surely, there is a better & highly paid job coming your way soon" and more excuses not not to get employed.
Started my own Property Management business in 2015 due to my International experiences in Property Management and have never regretted it.

We are the most educated & experienced Property Managers in New Zealand with international experiences including New Zealand experience to maximise your investment returns.
We also do flatmate situation to help property owners/renters/occupiers make extra income from vacant rooms and help alleviate/reduce homelessness whiles bringing like-minders together to make happy & prosperous homes.

We have been providing online & remote Property Management services, especially during the covid-19 lockdown at various levels. We use Whatsapp, zoom & viber for remote property inspection, property repairs, item delivery & discussions with Landlords/Property Owners, Tennants, Tradies, etc.

Avoid physical contacts by using remote contact facilities or physical distancing with face-mask.


Great News – A dependable & trustworthy Property Management Business tailored to suit your needs.
The business that brings Property Owners/Investors, Tenants, Flatmates, Boarders, Homestay & Tradespeople together to make happy, joyous, enjoyable & prosperous homes.
Please get in touch if any of the below items suits you:-

[1] You own a property that you want good tenants or managed by professionals at one of the lowest & cost-effective rates in NZ.

[2] You want us to do casual letting, screen prospective tenants, credit history checks, residential tenancy Tribunal checks, Ministry of Justice checks, Police checks, etc.

[3] You are a prospective tenant wanting awesome property to live/stay in.

[4] You are a home/house occupier and want good boarder/flatmate to stay with you.

[5] You are a prospective boarder/flatmate looking for happy homes to live/stay in.

[6] You are property owner/occupier wanting to leave your home for a period and need someone to stay-in and keep a watch on your home.

[7] You would like to be a homestay person in nice & lovely house whiles enjoying in a palace-like environment as if on long-awaited holiday in NZ.

[8] You have storage space that you would like it to make valuable funds/returns for you.

[9] You need storage space to keep some of your items.

[10] You have ideas/information that you want the rest of the world to know about. We can design, launch & host your website for one of the lowest monthly price in NZ.

[11] You want to own your home to be paying mortgage instead of rent. We are in contact with some of the best Mortgage Advisors & Solicitors/Lawyers in NZ that will get you the best rates & cash-backs depending on your condition.

[12] You want to buy/sell or re-mortgage or sub-divide or add value or do something interesting with your property. We are in contact with some of the best Licensed Estate Agents, Solicitors/Lawyers, Master Builders, Decorators, etc. in NZ that will get you the best to suit your needs.

[13] You need help or representation on property related Tribunal/court matters/cases.

[14] You need Tradespeople to fix issues in your property.

[15] Are you a Professional Trades-person wanting quality work periodically within properties (residential & commercial).

[16] Are you a professional Property Manager and/or Real Estate Manager wanting to run your own business within and under our umbrella in a mutual business relationship?

[17] Do you want to be a volunteer to learn from Professionals and could put you on the right foot for future career prospects?

[18] Do you have suggestions to get involved in this business to help our communities?

We are looking forward to serving you at all times to ensure you are happy & prosperous.

With high regards & best wishes,
Dr. Uriel Able-Thomas; BSc(Hons) (UK), MSc (UK), MBA (UK), PhD (UK), Chartered Engineer (UK), MIEE (UK), Dip. Environmental/Property Management (Israel)
Director General
Able-Thomas Property Management Services NZ Ltd.
Website: www.able-thomas.com
Email: urielablethomas@gmail.com
or: Waitakere-property-management@able-thomas.com
or: Uriel@able-thomas.com
Tel. Office: 09-834-6624. Mobile: 0220-936-990.
Viber/Whatsapp #: +64 279 72 4040.
Skype: Able-Thomas- Property-Management-Services-NZ