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Voyage Planner is a small and independent travel company with an unapologetically honest opinion on offering travel services. We understand everyone's needs are different and important, it should be respected. Everything we offer is handpicked.

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We learn countless irreplaceable lessons from travel, but we also share our greatest stories. In the same way that a reset button forces us to refocus on what really matters, travel teaches us about ourselves and about one another.

We at Voyage Planner believe in "the art of slow travel." Rather than endeavoring to squeeze as many sights or cities into each trip, the slow traveler takes time to explore each destination thoroughly and experience the local culture. As a result, slow travel allows you to form a stronger connection to the place you're traveling, and you will feel much less rushed.

As a budget travel expert, I travel the world extensively on budget. Thus Voyage Planner's mission is to help travelers find the best vacation packages and experiences without breaking the bank. In addition, I vision to enrich other people's travel experiences with the best in budget travel around the world.

Voyage Planner contacts include the BEST local operators, chefs, store owners, and others who can enhance pretty much any trip.

Because that's how we like you to travel - making a connection with the new people you meet, learning new customs and languages, allowing yourself to escape your own stressful day-to-day life, and slipping naturally into the pace of another culture.

All the travel services we offer is online.

- We schedule an introductory call to discover more about you, your travel style, and your overall goals. This opportunity allows you to tell us about your budget and provide information about your travel companions. The more we know about your preference, the better we can customize your trip.

- We consider all that we have learned, and we draw on our carefully cultivated partnerships to find the right accommodations, guides, activities, sightseeing, transportation, and extraordinary experiences to make your trip just right.

- After reviewing the itinerary, we have put together, it's time to fine-tune and confirm all necessary accommodation, activities, and transportation needs.

- We quote the itinerary in NET pricing (when possible), reflecting the wholesale pricing that is non-commissionable and not marked up.
- We understand that one size does not fit all for travel planning. We have designed a pricing structure that allows you to pay for the services most suitable for your situation. The planning fees listed include our initial consultation, the time involved in the research and development of the itinerary, and close consultation with you on revisions until all the details match your needs. Charging a fee allows us to allocate the appropriate time and resources needed during this critical itinerary development phase.

- Shortly before your trip, you will receive your final itinerary with all the information necessary for your trip (confirmations, contact information, destination information, etc.).
- During your trip, our team will be available 24/7 via a call to help you out in case of any emergency. Though we always pray that everything goes smooth and you enjoy your holidays to the max.

- We will connect once you've returned, so you can tell us the things that you loved - and didn't - about your trip.

If one thing the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us is that 'Life is unpredictable', hence we try our best to partner with the accommodation services that offer free cancellation up to 72 hours prior to check-in + pay at the time of check-in or pay-in advance with free cancellation services. Thus, if by any chance you decide to postpone or cancel your travel due to unforeseen circumstances, you will not be charged for your accommodation.