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Manek Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd., Landmark - Above Love & Latte Cafe, Lal Bahadur Shastri Road, P&T Staff Colony, Mulund West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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Sonesh N Dedhia, a certified financial planner and post graduate in finance, is the Founder & CEO with experience of more than two decades in the financial services industry. He started his career with distribution of products and slowly pivoted to setting up a successful fee only investment advisory practice over the past few years.

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We believe that financial planning is the single most important exercise to keep your financial life in order and meet the long and short-term life goals. To make a workable financial plan, we need to consider multiple factors about our past, present and future.

An effective financial plan should be well-thought, comprehensive, with one eye on future and the other on the balance between the current and future cash flow requirements.

It is not only about the investing but also about protection, planning for contingencies, budgeting and cash flow management, tax and estate planning, wealth creation, as well as planning for specific milestones in life.

After the completion of the whole process of collecting information about a client, analyse the information through the financial plan & it’s important to provide suitable recommendations as per the client’s investment objectives, financial situations & cash flow requirements. Our Recommendations on the suitable investment products are based on the due diligence & qualitative & quantitative research parameters, which could be in house or third-party products. The criteria of selecting the investment product are on the basis of 5 factors – Liquidity, Risk, Cost, Tax & Tenure.

At Manek Financial, we literally hunt on your behalf

If you are not sure with the performance or direction of your existing investments, we are happy to help. Our evaluation is based on the parameters such as taxation, returns vs. risk, liquidity, cost & tenure. We will take the existing data, evaluate the same on the above-mentioned parameters and give our recommendations on the investments.

Excess debt come with lots or stress, worry & anxiety. When the debt become too burdensome, we look for paths to reducing and even resetting that debt. Management of the liabilities in order to reduce the debt efficiently is an important & essential part of personal finance.

Debt consolidation & debt re-structuring are two very widely used tools to curb the debt load.
Debt consolidation is a process to re-finance or turn multiple smaller loans with higher interests to a single loan with comparative lower rates. Whereas the debt restructuring allows debtor and creditor to negotiate & agreed upon an amount that can be paid off. We at Manek help will help you with proper debt management that leads you a stress-free life.

Estate comprised of everything you own such as real Estate, Jewellery, Financial assets (Shares, Bonds, FD’s MF). Almost everyone has estate. Some may have the large estate and others modest, but the fact is everyone has an estate to pass it to the love ones as nobody can carry it, when he/she die. The question is how to plan the same in order to distribute it to the love once. That requires proper planning so that one can have control on who all can receive the estate, what are the things they are going to receive and when do you want them to receive the same. That is called Estate Planning- to make a plan in advance stating that whom you want to receive whatever you own after you die. Estate planning is not only for the elderly, retired or wealthy persons, it is for everyone who wants to pass the inheritance to the next generation. Estate Planning may include the Instructions for passing the estate you own, instructions for your care in case of any disability, Transfer of your business etc. It is a very essential part of financial planning. If you died without a proper, you’re your assets will be distributed according to the probate laws of the state and not as per your choice.

Estate planning also help us to organise our records, correct titles and beneficiary designations. An estate plan can begin with WILL OR TRUST. Properly prepared plan will give you and your family peace of mind. We at Manek can help you to prepare that plan so that you can pass on your inheritance to your love once the way you want them to receive it.