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17 customer reviews

1 February 2021

Absolutely loved this hotel! A friend and I stayed there during our visit to Bryce Canyon over the weekend, and this hotel was a great option. It's literally a 5 minute drive to Bryce Canyon, and about 2.5 hours away from the Horseshoe Bend at the Grand Canyon, which was very convenient. The room was very clean and the beds are super comfy. The breakfast that the hotel served was actually pretty good, and the staff was also very friendly! The young lady at the front desk was so nice, she made us feel very welcome. 10/10 would definitely recommend! More...

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20 January 2021

When we booked this room for two of my adopted Korean daughters and their visiting Mom and myself, I was acting on a guarded 'recommendation' by neighbors. They told me that we had a 50/50 chance of getting treated well! I said that we were touring the southwest so would only be at this BW "Plus" for a single night - how bad could it be?!? Well folks - we found out! As we said when we made our reservation, we arrived fairly late. We first went to the Bryce Canyon park itself and saw the sunset over the canyon and then returned to the hotel to get our room. The girl at the front desk was reading a book as there was no one else in sight. Great. I told her that I had a reservation (BTW with the nicest person I had ever spoken to = EVAN). I asked her for a quiet room if possible as I had driven and hiked and driven all day - We were all 'pooped'.  We carried all of our 'stuff' to our room in an out-building and then headed back to the main lodge for dinner. We walked into the lodge and the desk lady pointed to their restaurant where we found the host reading a book - do you see a pattern here. There was not another single person in the (beautiful) restaurant. We asked for a menu and saw this was NOT the place for burgers and such. the host said that next door was a nice cafeteria/fast food kind of place with great burgers. THEY ARE SUPER = nice choices and very reasonable (under $10) prices. The counter girl couldn't have been nicer. Our food was AWESOME and we got more fries included with our burgers that I have EVER gotten and they were great. Okay folks - the good review ends here...We decided to 'star-gaze' and returned to the park for a couple (cold) hours and it was worth it and then back to our room. We all decided to just go to sleep that is until the party from hell started in the room above us!After half an hour I called the front desk asking for her to PLEASE ask those above us for a little consideration - her response; do YOU want to change rooms? NO, it is 11 p.m. and we are all in PJs and unpacked. Result = party continued! Earplugs all around and we got some sleep...until about 6 a.m. when every kid in Utah decided to run up and down the stairway above and adjacent to our room. I got up and asked the kids to politely STOP!Sure, that worked, NOT.  I went into the bathroom for a shower and the shower knob/handle fell off in my hand - so I had to use a finger nail clipper to partially screw it back on. When I looked around there was paint peeling and very rusty door hinges. I finished my shower and then noticed a partially eaten candy bar on the floor behind the door that was NOT OURS. A partially eaten sandwich was also found on the bedroom floor!I asked the kids and their Mom to pack up and I headed to the main lodge to ask for a manager. I went in to the empty registration area and asked the very sweet girl behind the desk (Amina) to call a manager. She asked if she could help me, and I began explaining what a lousy room we were stuck in and the food left in corners and she apologized and said their manager had a very strict order "not to be bothered!" I asked if there was anyone that I could talk to and she asked me to take a seat - sure. About 15 minutes later a large guy in a suit came down the hallway aiming right at me. The first thing he said was "What is your problem?" Not hello or hi, how can I help you but "What is your problem!!!" I began to tell him about our room issues but he cut me off saying "You have 2 minutes and you are NOT getting your room refunded, so forget that"  I said the only thing I wanted to know was why we were put in the lousy room we got!  He said that he was VERY busy and didn't have time for me so I should take it up with customer service or anyone besides him and began to walk away!!!I asked how long he had been the manager here and he loudly said I have been here since 2007, AND THIS IS MY HOTEL!We had our 'free' breakfast' of scrambled eggs and a slice each of toast and bacon served by the nicest waiter! I asked how he liked working at Ruby Inn and he said that the staff were great - like a family and when I asked about the manager he just rolled his eyes!I know this is long but I wanted to get my $140 of complaints onto paper! More...

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6 January 2021

Stayed here for 2 nights and it was really big and spacious. The rooms were clean and had a lot of space to accommodate 3 people comfortably. I liked that they had 2 sinks in the bathroom and it was separated from the shower and toilet. This hotel is in the main hub of where most hotels are in Bryce. They also have a very nice and relaxing hot tub that stayed on a perfect temperature. They are sticklers about opening exactly at 6:30am for breakfast. Anyways, this was a good and clean stay for 2 nights. More...

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27 November 2020

Large old hotel, super crowded. Rooms were large but look like something out of the 1970's Everything was brown and old looking. No extras No serviceNoisy AC Uncomfortable bed Won't be back More...

Reviewed on Yelp

25 November 2020

Here is the reception desk at the Best Western Bryce Canyon Grand Hotel on Wednesday 11/25 2020. NO MASK! Unacceptable!!!!

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14 November 2020

Checked into this hotel earlier today and wanted to say nothing but great things. The place itself is in great condition super clean tons of friendly staff. The service has been amazing since we are right and nothing but helpful. If you're planning on going to Bryce Canyon I would highly recommend staying here location is one thing but service definitely is whats bringing me back.Special shout out to front desk staff member Kristen for the awesome service, hospitality need more people love you. If your visiting Bryce don't hesitate to stay here Ps breakfast included More...

Reviewed on Yelp

25 October 2020

First time staying here to visit Bryce CanyonProA few miles from Bryce CanyonLarge roomSeparate sink and bath area Microwave in roomLot of guess parking Full breakfast served! ConsNot to much food options available in main town Check towels prior to useThin walls (can hear other talking and those walking in hallway) Curt service at front desk Loud air conditioning unit Watch how curtains are position, easy for folks to see through Don't expect a view of Bryce Canyon, a view patrons were inquiring. I stay here again just to be near Bryce Canyon otherwise it was ok. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

21 September 2020

We stayed here for 3 nights September 2020. We very much enjoyed our stay! Everyone was very nice. We really loved the breakfast buffet and they have it worked out to be so safe and I felt safe and still got a great breakfast. The food options are very limited in Bryce and so we really appreciated not having to worry about breakfast. Room was comfortable but I do wish I had a king bed but none were available during our stay--still good with 2 queens. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

11 September 2020

Polite staff. Very clean nice rooms. Covid precautions in place unlike the towny place across the street.

Reviewed on Yelp

26 August 2020

Hotel was fine, but masks were either not required or not being enforced. Had I known that prior to booking I wouldn't have stayed here. Breakfast was modified (employers served to go containers from buffet style with protected glass and servers were wearing masks and gloves) due to covid, which was good, but people were still able to congregate in shared spaces without masks and they could walk around inside without masks. I did see employees wearing masks. Good location (5 minutes from Bryce Canyon National Park). More...

Reviewed on Yelp

23 August 2020

Decent place to stay in if you're visiting thr Bryce Canyon National Park area. Clean rooms, and parking, and their handling of the complimentary breakfast situation during this time of being cautious about Covid-19 is pretty good.

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13 August 2020

The beauty of Bryce Canyon National Park is breathtaking, however the stench of big attitude from the front staff at Best Western Plus is what really took my breath away. The front desk staff were very rude and threw tantrums when asked for help. These people do not like people. The rooms were clean and the views were the okayest in the area so for that l, I'm giving 3 stars. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

29 July 2020

Free WiFi, free full sit down breakfast, new hotel and very nice staff, looks promising

Reviewed on Yelp

19 June 2020

Hotel was attractive, nice, and clean. Check in was unfriendly and gruff. I felt like a burden and unwelcome. No maid service due to COVID - understandable. Breakfast had been changed to cafeteria style. Decent food. Walls were extremely thin. I could hear everything. Pool area was loud until closing every night. All in all it wasn't worth the usual price, but thankfully I got it for a bit of a bargain. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

15 June 2020

We stayed for 2 nights mid-June 2020. I'm not sure why they call themselves a "Grand Hotel" when this place did not offer much grandness in terms of comfort and value for your money. Due to the slowdown in tourism as a result of the Coronavirus we got a pretty good deal for $86/night on a weekend, but I would never pay more than that!  Rooms: Described as "luxurious", but the standard is the same as any typical motel on the road. Sparsely decorated. Old & loud in-room AC unit. The bed was a very uncomfortable bouncy castle. Anytime one person moves, the other gets jolted awake. Pillows are cheap and will give you a stiff neck. The room did not have any USB plugs, which is what I would have expected in a Best Western PLUS and a "Grand Hotel". I'm still trying to figure out what the PLUS stands for.... Breakfast: Hot Breakfast was served from 6:30 to 9:30 AM in the area behind the Lobby. A serving station is set up with Plexiglas barriers in an effort to comply with Covid-19 safety guidelines. Long lines if you go for breakfast around 9 AM, so I recommend going early to avoid the crowds. The first day we went at 7:30 AM and there were no lines. I'm on a special diet and brought my own packaged bread. I asked if it could be toasted for me, but the server behind the glass never returned from the kitchen when I asked him. No butter was provided and when I asked for it, I was told that "we don't have butter at breakfast". Very odd. They have bread, jam and honey - but no butter? What was most disturbing is that the tables were not wiped down/disinfected after each use. I did see a cart with rags and cleaning lotion, but it was not operated/manned and the rags seemed kinda dirty. I liked the fact that they provided to-go boxes with the option to take your breakfast in your room, which is what we did. Location: Conveniently located and ample parking. Not far from the Park entrance. Bryce Canyon City is tiny, so it doesn't really matter where you stay - the other Best Western (Ruby's Inn) is even closer. Next time we come back we'll definitely try and stay in the Lodge inside the park. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

10 April 2020

The Best Western Plus Bryce Canyon Grand Hotel is about 1 mile away from Bryce Canyon National Park and so it is an ideally location to stay at if visiting this national park. My husband and I stayed here on a weekend while visiting Bryce Canyon. We had already visited Zion National Park (~87 miles away and also currently now closed until further noticed) earlier in the day and then checked in here later in the early evening (please note that check in time is at 4 pm and check out is at 11 am.  This hotel provide a complimentary full breakfast (including hot food), gym, heated pool, washer & dryer (it cost $6 to do one load total of using the washer and dryer). Since we stayed here a few weeks ago, breakfast was a "grab and go" style, due to the covid 19, in which you order what you want on the morning of (breakfast was from 6 - 9 am). Patrons had a choice of such offerings that included scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, donuts, muffins, assorted juices, milk, cold cereal, coffee/ tea, assorted fruit and bagels. Since we had stayed at another hotel that also provided a grab and go breakfast prior, this was the best one (including the other hotels we stayed at during our vacation/ road trip), especially since hot food was served.In addition to getting our breakfast, we were also given a bag of granola bars, individually wrapped muffins and bottled water for a snack later. I thought that was very thoughtful of this hotel to provide that. Our room was a good size with 2 queen beds, duo sinks in the bathroom counter (the shower and toilet are in a separate room) with additional towels and toilet paper available. Sometimes it surprises me that other hotels do not provide additional towels. I guess they liked to be bothered by hotel guests for more towels. Our room also had an ironing board with iron, in case you need one. I liked that there is the A/C and heater control panel is digital and right by one of the beds to make it easy to control the temperature in the room. Our room also had a mini fridge and microwave. But the fridge was either not working properly or it wasn't plugged in since it wasn't cold. Overall, we had a great stay and have always enjoyed staying at Best Western Plus hotels (the plus hotels, not to be confused by the regular ones) and would stay here again. Please note that the internet was pretty fast while we were here but that might be due to so few people that were staying at the hotel. Also parking was free. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

7 March 2020

Their buffet was delicious for both dinner and breakfast. Flavorful and varied, awesome salad bar and selection.

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