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Zenith Training and Development

Talent Garden Dublin, Claremont Avenue, Glasnevin, Dublin, Ireland


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Hi there,

My name is Shiera from Zenith Training and Development, a personal and business coach, with a focus on deep personal change, using dynamic coaching tools. I can help you build your talent in interpersonal communication, sales skills (if it’s relevant), public speaking and changing how you use language.

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20 April 2022

I absolutely loved my time with with Shiera. A receptive listener with deep understanding, as well as giving great practical Solutions, which I still use today. Very powerful!

Zenith Training and Development
Zenith Training and Development

Reply from Zenith Training and Development

Thank you Sara. It was great fun to work with. Wishing you great success with your business! Shiera


What I love most about my job is seeing the change in clients, where they leave more connected to themselves, their purpose, their future goals. I love the process of coaching and empowering others to connect with greater awareness, by observing what happens with every question I ask. I enjoy getting the calls after the coaching to hear that somebody got the job they loved, followed their dream or changed their lives completely. I enjoy helping others and have always been a person who questioned everything, now I get to enjoy it as part of my work.

I started this company to help others who didn't have these powerful tools from NLP. I wanted to make a difference and help others. All of the things that I work with people on, I once had similar challenges. I also love the variety in my job, working with some many different people. My work is full of interesting people. I love the independence to choose the work I do, it helps my creativity. I always loved language and now I get to help people learn how Changing your Language can Change Your Life, through the coaching and training I do everyday.

I understand patterns through language. I can tell you through your language what's keeping you stuck and help you develop better ways of communicating with yourself and others.
I can ask you questions that you may not ask yourself and then guide you to come up with solutions.
I enjoy guiding people to self-empowerment, and really taking charge of how they show up.
If you want to up your confidence game, become more authentic, own who you are and show up differently, I can work with you to gently and positively move you to change your approach, attitude and language.
You want to learn how to live positively with simple, effective tools, join me for a coaching call.
I believe the words I am saying, If You Change Your Language, You can Change your Life, with Neuro-semantic Coaching.

If you wish to meet me in person, join me at my office in Talent Garden in Glasnevin, in beautiful, spacious and private meeting rooms.

Remote coaching is provide through Zoom and Teams and has worked very well for clients in the past 2 years.

If people are happier working remotely, that is no problem.

My office in Talent Garden follows all the Covid-19 recommended guidelines. Our meeting rooms are safe to meet for social distancing.


Change Your Language, Change your Life.

Is it possible to change fast? Yes, when you work with coaching tools that can get into how you create your whole experience and interaction in a fun, supportive and systematic way. Learn more about Meta-Coaching and NLP for any area of your life - career, relationships, life purpose or business plans.
Any area you want change in, come try out coaching that can get right into your meanings and help you create a new way of looking at any situation. The skill is in the language change, we help you work with.

If you are looking to overcome your nerves in speaking in public, come check out the power of NLP to rewire how your brain thinks about public speaking. Build your confidence, put your message together with ease and learn how to deliver it with confidence. Every person who learns these techniques comes away feeling so much better about themselves.

Change your Language, Change your Business

As a business owner, you may benefit from connecting to a business coach that can look at your business from a strategic perspective and help you develop your business acumen, your value proposition. Take advantage of a range of services improve your sales skills, how you tell your story and build accountability into your business development goals.

Change your Language, Change your Relationships

If you ever wanted to find a better way to deliver a message, then ask me about the Effective Communications Coaching that will help you in both your professional and personal life. Take a half-day session and transform how you come across to people, with plenty of tools to choose from.