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14 May 2021

We contracted James Coffey from Upton Roofing to change the existing roof in our summerhouse on Sep 6 with Ashphalt roofing for £600. This included fetching a new crown and also changing 3 batons of the summerhouse. On Sep 9, James called me saying his colleague will start the work of removing the existing roof that day. Mid day he called up saying that all the batons have to be removed as they are all damaged. This will cost another £300. He mentioned that if we do not agree to go ahead with the agreed price, we have to pay £150 for the work his colleague has done that day. When I tried to confront by saying that he has worked for only 2 hours, James started adding up the time he came to provide a quote, although most companies do treat these as marketing expenses. We agreed to pay the price of £900 to complete the roof.

Next day couple of people came saying they are going to fix the roof today and need £400 to buy the material and £100 for the crown. While taking the money, he mentioned that they have worked for years with James on all kinds of sheds and does everything to do with sheds. So, I mentioned that its good to know as I have to change the floor of the summer house as well. 15 min later, I got a call from James saying I want to talk to him. When I said “No”, he told that I want to change the floor of the shed and he is willing to do. After a bit of haggling, I agreed to get the floor charged as well for £530. Later, in the afternoon those two people returned with cement and sand saying they will change the floor first. So far so good. In an hour they came back saying that the floor is more than the job they thought and it will cost another £350 on top of the £530. James called up saying we want some extra work on the floor and therefore it will cost another £530. I asked those people to start the roof work while I wait for my husband to return and discuss. They didn’t start any roof work as they didn’t buy any material for roof. When my husband returned he suggested to just do the roof, as he didn’t think the floor should cost that much. By afternoon, I was very stressed and tired of the constant pressure of increasing price on the project. I called James to say that we would just do the roof and cannot afford the extra cost of the flooring. James suddenly said that he will do the floor for £530 and do not require the extra money of £350. By this time, his people had left and he said they will come on Monday and start the work.

On Monday, the guy from the first day (Marco) arrived and started doing the floor. Next day, another person joined him and they prepared the batons and started laying the roof. Next day ie. On Wednesday, I was extremely busy at work. James came in the afternoon saying they have run out of material and need another £500. He also mentioned that the work will be finished that day. I didn’t have time to check the work and didn’t want him to be hanging around for material and therefore gave him another £500. After some time, I noticed that everyone left and no one returned that evening to complete the job. When I was finished with my work I went outside and saw that the roof was depressed at places and wasn’t laid in a brick style. There were no ridges laid as well. The roof didn’t look like being laid by a professional roofer. I asked James about the ridges and sent a photograph to James of how I think the roof should be laid i.e in a brick style.

James arrived with his friend that morning. I told him that the roof is depressed and there are no ridges. His friend agreed with the mistakes and suggested abandoning the project and return some money. After discussing with his friend separately, James came and mentioned that he has underquoted for the job. He also mentioned that he has fired Marco ad will get someone else to finish the job. Later that day, I sent an e-mail to James that I am not happy with roof work so far and would accept his friends’ proposal of abandoning the project and would him to return £370 after deducting the work of the batons and unfinished flooring. Next day, James called up and started yelling. He mentioned that he is not going to return any money. The conversation with him is recorded.

We exchanged e-mails where he is willing to finish the job only when he receives the balance of £430. I have asked him several times whether he will be doing the job as per accepted standards and he hasn’t answered. I do not think James has the capability or intention to lay the roof as per British standards.

23 January 2021


James Coffey is a criminal. He will tell you something is wrong with your roof, ask for cash, does not give written quotes or VAT receipts, he does not give you his address. He tells you more work is needed half way through, to get you to give him more money. Then he leaves the job, with your roof not watertight. You will never here from him again. Do not be the next person to lose thousands of pounds by this criminal. The police are already looking for him. More...