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Dualla, Cashel, Tipperary

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Specififit is a company that has personal trainers and Strength and conditioning coaches on standby to accommodate your fitness needs. Whether you are a part of a team, an individual athlete, someone just starting out in the gym or are interested in fitness classes we are able to cover your needs.

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By the setting of targets both small and large we can take it step by step to achieve everything you would like to achieve from your fitness experience.

Hard work and good diet. There is simply no other way to say it, but gaining results in the gym takes a lot of commitment, but it can also be fun and that's what we would like to bring to our members, fun while achieving their goals.

We at Specififit enjor helping others feel better about themselves. The happiness felt as they see results cannot be topped.

We at Specififit became disillusioned with some of the goings on we noticed in the fitness world and made the commitment to doing things correctly. When you come to Specififit you can be comfortable and assured that not only are you going to make progress but you will also learn proper form and techniques for exercises, enabling you to be able to go to the gym without worry.

As stated above Specififit is dedicated to a standard of excellence. No shortcuts are taken and only the very best Personal trainers and Strength and conditioning coaches are brought on board. When a client comes to us, they can be sure in the knowledge that they will get workouts that are tailored to suit them specifically through tests to ascertain their fitness levels.